Interesting The Weirdest Sex Trends from History  

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How has sex in history changed as the centuries have gone by? The art of sex has been practiced by human beings since time immemorial and in a historical sense, sex is extremely diverse both in function and form, taking on practical, and sometimes religious, uses. Historical sex is fascinating, full of interesting historical sex practices, trends, and fads.

Often times the subject of sex is considered too intimate to discuss, and thus taboo. And even in the privacy of your own home, sex still made people uneasy. This led to a plethora of regulations placed upon people by society or dominant groups, like the church, to instruct people on the proper way to have sexual relations with their significant other. Some groups believed that sex should only be for reproductive purposes, like the Catholic Church, while others took a more hedonistic approach. These restrictions led to some rather... bizarre ways that people vented their sexual frustrations.

What are some of history's strangest and most surreal sex facts, as practiced in the ancient world? How did people get down in the past? Take a look below and be sure to vote up the most surprising and fascinating trends from the history of sex.
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Vibrators Were Used as Medical Devices

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It may seem common sense today that women experience sexual pleasure just as men do, but this is actually a recent development in thinking. Before the 20th century, women were considered to be pure and innocent, therefore not having any sexual lust. The pent up sexual frustration they experienced was called hysteria. The cure for this so-called malady meant a visit to the doctor's office so that they could massage the afflicted area with an electric vibrator specifically built for that purpose, which is where our modern day equivalents come from.
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BDSM Was Practiced in Ancient Egypt

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Humans were practicing BDSM long before Fifty Shades of Grey brought it into the mainstream. In Ancient Egypt, sexuality was openly, and often publically, expressed in many ways that we might find shocking, given the time period. The Etruscans practiced BDSM and the fresca Tomb of the Floggings depicts men having sex with women and whipping them.
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Lipstick Was Used to Indicated Oral "Skills"

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When it comes to lipstick's lasting appeal for personal beauty, you can thank Hazel Bishop, a WW I chemist who is considered the father of the smear-proof formula. But lipstick itself has been around since antiquity. In Ancient Egypt, it was the cosmetic of choice for women and men. For prostitutes, having bright painted lips meant that you were very skilled in oral sex.
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Condoms Used to Be Made from Animal Intestines and Bladders

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There are many things for which we should thank modern medicine and science. One of which is the invention of latex, the material that most modern day condoms are made from. The Romans however did not have this privilege. Their condoms were made from more unsavory materials such as animal intestines and bladders.
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