Weird History

The U.S. Developed Something Called The Bat Bomb, And It Was Actually Devastatingly Effective  

Samantha Dillinger

For as long as the human race has been getting itself into armed scuffles, we've devised all sorts of outrageous ways to incorporate animals into conflict. The video below tells the history of one especially batsh*t military invention: the bat bomb.

Created by the US military during WWII to combat Japan, the device combined the destructive power of incendiary devices with the dispersion powers of Mexican free-tailed bats.

The only thing that outranked the project's weirdness was its effectiveness. Because most Japanese structures and buildings at the time were built with wood and therefore susceptible to fires, the devices proved to be devastatingly destructive.

These devices would likely have ended up making a much larger impact during the conflict had the atomic bomb never been developed. Watch the video below to learn more about a device that sounds like a Batman gadget but is far more sinister and destructive.