Weird History

All The Times Cigarette Marketing Came Back From The Dead To Make Cigarettes Even Cooler Than Before

Why does smoking cigarettes look cool? Everyone knows cigarettes are bad for your health, thanks to extensive anti-tobacco campaigns and health warnings. But this wasn't always common knowledge. The cigarette industry was (and still is) an incredibly powerful group of companies who put billions of dollars into very convincing advertisements. 

Advertising, by its very nature and intent, can be incredibly persuasive. Just look at the man who was able to get Colombian guerilla fighters to put down their guns, using ad champaigns that involved Christmas lights. The tobacco industry, or "Big Tobacco" as it's known, has spent nearly two centuries honing their promotional skills. Cigarette marketing campaigns has evolved over the decades, changing their strategies to fit the times, and Big Tobacco is still getting people to smoke despite all the aggressive health warnings that advise against it.