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13 Hitchhikers Describe The Creepiest Experiences They’ve Ever Had

Hitchhiking is a wonderful way to see the world. Walking from place to place and accepting rides from strangers allows you to experience things you’d never encounter if you were traveling by plane or car. Plus, you hear new stories and meet all sorts of interesting people. There are just as many creepy situations waiting for hitchhikers as there are exciting adventures, though. 

Many a hitchhiker has experienced their fair share of creepy stories from road trips, or at least one-time incidents where they get stuck on the road. These stories of possible serial slayers, sinister truckers, and disturbed motorists aren’t meant to make you shy away from hitching forever, they’re just here to make sure you think twice about sticking your thumb out and looking for a ride. 

  • Always Travel With A Partner

    From Redditor /u/andespeccialythat:

    I was hitchhiking through Europe with my then-boyfriend, and on our way back home, a truck driver picked us up. We had a few weird encounters on our trip before, but we were on the road for about a month, and nothing really scary happened untill this guy.

    He was a young guy, about 25, quite regular, spoke English okay, long time away from home. I was a bit younger; my boyfriend was around his age. My boyfriend was tired, so he took a seat on the bed in the truck and wasn't really trying to hold a conversation (during our trip, we switched turns as I usually do when I hitchhike with someone - one person talks with the driver, and the other relaxes in the back), so I was in the passenger seat. I think he was even dozing off a little bit, and the driver started complimenting me and asking me about my boyfriend.

    It was still fine, nothing too weird, and I was just trying to talk about something to be good company.

    As we moved on, I started to feel a bit uncomfortable, but didn't let anything on and only told my boyfriend that we should find truck drivers from our country to make the last part of our trip in one go. I translated to English immediately, because the truck driver became agitated and suspicious of what I was saying, and I explained that we are really tired and our plan is to find "our" truck drivers before he has to take the long break, so that we can go on travelling without interruption.

    We stopped for a short break at a gas station, and my boyfriend decided he was going to look for another truck driver in the parking lot and left me with this guy alone. Damn. The truck driver came on to me real hard, and I was scared sh*tless... Luckily, my boyfriend was away for just a minute.

    At that moment, I realised we needed to get out of this situation fast. I didn't want to say anything to my boyfriend, because I was scared of how he would react, so I decided to pretend nothing had happened. I was determined to get out at the next stop.

    We reached a large gas station for truck drivers only and told our driver we were going to go look for other drivers that were heading our way. On our way to this station, this guy got in touch with another driver, saying he could also take us - maybe one at a time...

    When I was finally alone with my boyfriend, I remained calm and just hinted at what had happened and insisted that we are not staying with this driver no matter what. It took us about five minutes to find a group of truck drivers from our country. They were having beers and cracking jokes, and two of them agreed to take us. I jumped with joy.

    We went back to the truck to get our things. The guy had already brought his friend along and was offering my boyfriend to take a shower at the gas station - he was going to pay for him. For no obvious reason, he was quite persistent, and, as I very well remember, he never offered it to me.

    Needless to say, these to guys were very disappointed to see us go. I still remember how they were looking at me, when I was taking our backpacks from the truck...

  • The Driver Who Wanted To 'Party'

    From Redditor /u/Sagml:

    My friends and I (three teenage girls) decided to hitchhike into the large city we live near to attend a party. The first people who picked us up were pretty cool - listened to music, smoked some pot, etc. - and dropped us off on the highway to make the last leg of our journey.

    I got to sit up front! Yahoo! Not.

    This creepy, middle-aged man who picked us up asked if we would like to "go party" with him at the casino in the city. He had a room for the night and was willing to pay us $1,000 each. Immediately alarmed, we told him our friends were expecting us and that we were only 16 and not interested.

    He then suggested one of us could join him for a couple hours, and he would drop them off to the rest of us right after. No thanks, bud, we aren't interested.

    Then he decides he is going to drop us off at a local coffee shop, go home and switch vehicles, pick us back up, and take us to our destination.

    We were thinking that sounds lovely!

    So he did. We waited for him to pull away and caught a bus to the party.

  • The Creepy Farmer

    From Redditor /u/irisheyesaresmiling:

    I am from a little village in Ireland with a population of a few hundred; the nearest town is about 10 miles away... One thing we liked to do during these summers, besides going to the lake and hanging out at each other's houses, was to go to town and look around the shops. The easiest way to get to town was to hitchhike as there were no buses. Here in Ireland we call it "thumbing."

    My friend Mary and I used to hitch once a week during the summer. We would go to town with a population of a few thousand and look around the shops, eat ice cream, and hang out. When we got a ride, we had to make small talk with the driver, and as two shy 15-year-olds, this bit sucked the most. To make it fair, we took turns sitting in the front and did most of the talking. One day, we spent a few hours in town, it was pretty uneventful, so we decided to thumb back.

    At around 3 pm, we went to the usually spot to hitch from, just on the outskirts of the town. We were only waiting about five minutes when a white car pulled up. Before we could ask where he was going, he asked us first. My friend told him, and he said he was passing through our village on the way to another one. It was my turn to sit in the front. The driver introduced himself as John, a farmer, and he was super friendly...

    About halfway between town and our home village, he asked if we heard a noise. "No," we replied. "There it is again, sounds like a banging noise," he said. I didn't hear anything so I just sat there quietly. "I think it might be the exhaust pipe," he said. "I’ll have to pull in and have a look." He pulled up on a busy road and went out to take a look. "I didn't hear anything," said Mary. "He seems like a weirdo," I said.

    Call it intuition, but even though he was super friendly and chatty, I got a bad feeling from him. Next, he comes back to the driver’s side and tells us that the exhaust is hanging down and was hitting off the road. He needs us to help him tie it up. It was then I noticed he had string holding up his pants instead of a belt. I thought this was odd.

    Anyway, he got some string out of the boot, and we both got out of the car. Although I got a bad vibe from him, I didn't feel scared at this stage - we were on a busy road, and it was only about 3:30 pm - so we both got out of the car.

    He showed us the exhaust pipe hanging down and used a rag to hold it up because it was hot. Mary took over holding it up while he secured it with string. They were both kneeling while I just stood back and watched. It was then I noticed his fly was open, and I could see his privates. He was clearly not wearing any underwear; he didn't even have a belt on so I guess I wasn't surprised... I just stood there in shock. Mary hadn't noticed at this stage and just continued to hold the "pipe."

    When John was standing up, he noticed his fly was open and acted all shocked: "Oh, girls, I am so sorry and embarrassed. I only have a safety pin holding the fly together and it must have come off, please forgive me and get back in the car." Mary was stunned because she got a close-up of his privates, which left me to do the talking. I told him it was okay and that it was an accident, so we got back in the car. He fastened the safety pin even though I didn’t see him look for it; all was hidden again.

    Back in the car, the atmosphere was very different. We both felt mortified, and he kept apologizing over and over. I looked out passenger window and repeated, “It’s okay, it’s okay.” Then he said something that turned my stomach: “Well, girls, ye are taking it very well. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear you liked it.”

    Then he nudged me in the arm with his arm, like you would do a friend. I looked at him through the corner of my eye, my face still facing the window, when I noticed his fly was undone and he was exposed AGAIN. He must have noticed me looking because he said, “Oh, sorry. The safety pin keeps opening. Just don’t look.”

    Fine by me, I thought but I said, "Okay," and continued to look out the window. He kept nudging me and saying, “Don’t be looking, don’t be looking,” giggling at the same time. He was doing this in a playful way, like this was a joke.

    Mary started giggling, too, because when she is nervous, she laughs. I knew it wasn’t her fault, but I was getting angry at this stage. He wouldn’t stop telling me to stop looking. Then he said, “Your friend is laughing - she must be enjoying the view.” This made her laugh even harder. Now, remember, we are both polite 15-year-olds who alway respect our elders and are a little shy so I would never speak up to an adult. The nudging in my arm and my friend laughing was all getting too much.

    He asked was it the first “willy" I have seen and told me once again to stop looking. I was facing the passenger window so much that I had my back to him. There is no way I could “be looking.” I lost my temper - I shouted at the top of my voice, “I’m not f*cking looking. Mary shut up f*cking laughing.”

    Silence followed; he said sorry, he was only joking and I didn’t need to be so serious. I said nothing and sat there red with temper. I should have told him to let us out, I should have told him to cover himself up... but I was in shock, too, and part of me wanted to believe it was all an innocent mistake.

    We finally arrived at our tiny, safe, little village. We got out, and he said again that he was sorry about the whole thing. My friend got her voice back and assured him it was okay. I said it was all okay and not to worry about it. I said, "Thanks for the lift." What he said back sickened me - he looked me up and down with this creepy smile and said, “Girlies, thanks for everything,” and drove off.

    We were left speechless. We sat down on a nearby bench to process all of this before going home. We made a deal we wouldn’t tell our parents, or they’d never let us hitchhike again... About five minutes after sitting down on the bench, who drives by going the direction we just came from? Farmer John, waving and smiling, while we sat stunned. He beeped to catch our attention. So much for passing through our village.

    A few months later, the ordeal went to the back of my mind. Occasionally, we would talk about Farmer John, but we made jokes about it, and we told some of our friends about what happened. One day, I told a friend of mine named Brid. A cousin of hers had told her a very similar story. The cousin lived in another village about 20 miles the other direction from town; she was a few years older than us. While hitchhiking home one day, the same thing happened to her and her friend: the exhaust, the safety pin, and the undone fly. It was no accident, and my worst fears were confirmed.

  • Getting A Ride From A Handsome Slayer

    From Redditor /u/WasteOfPaint:

    When my aunt was a teenager back in the '70s, she and a few friends decided to skip school one day. The group of girls wanted to get across town which takes hours by foot because we live in a rural area and none of them had a car at the time. Being young, naive, and unaware of the danger, my aunt and her friends decided to hitchhike home.

    After a while of walking and trying to flag down cars, a man stops to pick the young girls up. My aunt said that the man was very handsome and had a great smile. He was as sweet as can be so she and her friends got in the car. He drove them to their destination, gave her a smile and a nod, and continued on his way.

    I am not too sure how much time had passed but she said she was watching the news one afternoon, and she saw a familiar face. There was the man who had given her and her friends a lift home. He was arrested for raping and murdering a large number of young women around her age. His name was Ted MOTHERF*CKING Bundy. My aunt never hitchhiked again.