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13 Hitchhikers Describe The Creepiest Experiences They’ve Ever Had

Updated 1 Jul 2019 46.5k views13 items

Hitchhiking is a wonderful way to see the world. Walking from place to place and accepting rides from strangers allows you to experience things you’d never encounter if you were traveling by plane or car. Plus, you hear new stories and meet all sorts of interesting people. There are just as many creepy situations waiting for hitchhikers as there are exciting adventures, though. 

Many a hitchhiker has experienced their fair share of creepy stories from road trips, or at least one-time incidents where they get stuck on the road. These stories of possible serial slayers, sinister truckers, and disturbed motorists aren’t meant to make you shy away from hitching forever, they’re just here to make sure you think twice about sticking your thumb out and looking for a ride. 

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