Weird History The Truth Of How Hitler's Nephew Hated His Uncle And Fought For The US During WWII  

Rebecca High

Imagine being related to one of history's most notorious villains. That was the misfortune of William Patrick Hitler, who was born to Adolf Hitler's half-brother in Liverpool, England, in 1911. Though the younger Hitler attempted to take advantage of his uncle's power during the rise of the Third Reich, he ultimately rejected his uncle, fighting against the Nazis during WWII. This video gives a rare glimpse into the life of the childless Hitler's family through the lens of his nephew, William Patrick Hitler.

William Patrick Hitler moved to Germany after his dad abandoned the family and ran out of money in the late 1930s. His uncle Adolf got him a job as a banker, followed by another at an automobile factory. The nephew took full advantage of the status the Hitler surname gave him in Berlin, rubbing shoulders with his uncle's peers in Germany's high society.

When William refused to become a German citizen, the Führer cut him off, referring to him as a "loathsome" nephew. William then emigrated to the United States and joined the US Navy, where he served until he was honorably discharged after an injury in 1946.

Watch this video for more about the nephew who first embraced one of the world's most notorious dictators, and how he dealt with sharing the last name of a genocidal dictator.