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With This Ritual, You Can Play Hide And Seek With A Creepy, Demon-Possessed Doll  

Inigo Gonzalez
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While Ouija is perhaps the most well known of the super creepy paranormal games wherein you summon the spirits of ghosts and demons, it certainly isn't the only one. Take Hitori Kakurenbo, which plays out sort of like a one person version of hide and seek, but with a creepy sentient doll. It's definitely one of the more unique games to play with ghosts, as players must first perform a series of supernatural rituals that traps the spirit of a malevolent demon inside the doll. 

Winning the game requires strict adherence to the ritual's rules, and losing means having a relentless demon doll creeping after you for the rest of your life. The best way to beat Hitori Kekurenbo is to familiarize yourself with all the information available on the subject. Really, it's probably in your best interest to never try playing this game. Everyone who has braved it says it's not for the faint of heart, and losing can lead to a fate worse than death. If that isn't enough to scare you off, then good luck. You'll need it. 

The Game Is A Demonic, Single-Player Version Of Hide And Seek
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Hitori Kakurenbo plays out similarly to a normal, two person game of hide and seek, except a malevolent demon takes the place of the seeker. Players modify a doll to act as a vessel for the demon to inhabit, then give it time to hide somewhere in their house.

When the player finds the doll, they're instructed to stab it, then go hide. From there, the demonic doll — now armed with a sharp object — begins hunting for the player, and the only way to subdue it is by performing a ritual with salt water or sake. If the doll finds the player first, they'll be lucky if their death is quick, and the game isn't over until either the player or the doll is vanquished. 

To Play The Game, You First Have To Prepare A Doll
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Before the game can begin, you have to prepare a doll so that it can serve as a vessel for a spirit from Hell. To get your doll ready for possession, you'll need: uncooked rice, a sewing needle, blood-red thread, a cutting tool, salt water or sake, a bathtub full of water, a television, and the safest hiding spot possible.

Once you have everything prepared, you can begin the summoning ritual. You must first cut open the doll and remove all of its stuffing. After that, fill its insides with uncooked rice and add a piece of yourself to the stuffing (people generally recommend using a fingernail clipping). Afterwards, you need to sew the doll shut with the needle and red string, then wrap the remaining string around the doll's body. You then need to fill the bathtub with water and place a cup of salt water in your hiding spot. Some people say that it's okay to use sake instead of saltwater, but choose carefully. Failure to adhere to the spirits wishes could yield disastrous consequences. 

Players Summon A Demon To Possess Their Doll
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Once the doll has been prepared, players can begin the game. To do so, they must first name the doll. It's a bad idea for players to use their own name, or the name of anyone they know. Using someone else’s name could put them in danger, which isn't a nice thing to do. 

When the clock strikes 3:00 AM, look at the doll, and say "you're the first it" three times, addressing it by the name you picked out. After that, drop it in the bathtub, then turn off all of the lights in the house and adjust your TV to a static-filled channel. 

From there, go straight to your hiding spot, shut your eyes, and very quietly count to ten. Then, go back and look for the doll, but be careful, as it might not be in the bathtub. When you find it, tell it that you’ve found it (again, referring to it by name), stab it quickly, and then tell the doll that it is next. Put the doll back where you found it and run back to your hiding spot.

To Win, Players Must Banish The Demon Before Their Turn Ends
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When it's the dolls turn to find you, immediately drink a mouthful of saltwater (or sake) from the glass you stowed in your hiding spot, but don’t swallow it. You need to go hunting for the doll, but it will likely not be in the spot where you left it. It may have even armed itself with the knife you previously stabbed it with.

It is imperative you find the doll quickly and quietly before you become its victim. When you do find the doll, you have to pour the cup of salt water or sake onto it, and then spray it with the portion you've been holding in your mouth. After that, you must tell it “I win” three times, and the game ends.