16 Times People Got Revenge Against Their HOA By Doing EXACTLY What They Were Told

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The worst part about purchasing a home or condo is potentially having to deal with a Homeowner's Association (HOA). These stories of revenge against the HOA proves that no one likes to be micro-managed in their own home. Vote up the best stories!

Some posts have been edited for length and clarity. All posts courtesy of r/maliciouscompliance.

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    Paint My Garage? Enjoy The Color Scheme

    From Redditor u/procrastinator3000v2:

    A friend of mine lived in a pretty big neighborhood with a pretty strict HOA.

    He was the first house at the bottom of the hill that you saw when you drive in. He asked and was allowed to add a garage on to his house and did so, siding it with cedar planks. It looked great.

    His HOA disagreed and told him the by laws state all exposed walls must be painted. He tried to appeal but was denied unanimously.

    Cue malicious compliance.

    He checked the by laws further and found that while it was stated that all exposed walls must be painted, there was absolutely no mention of any color restrictions.

    By the time he was done each plank was a different primary color and there was nothing they could do about it. They were furious with him and he laughed his a*s off.


    TL;DR: A friend of mine added a garage to his home. However, the HOA told him he had to paint the outer walls, despite my friend wanting the cedar planks visible. My friend read the rules, and while they have to be painted, there was no rules about the color. So, he painted each plank a different color. The HOA was furious.

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    Want To Limit Parking? Then Permanently Lose Your Parking Space

    From Redditor u/n00bstar:

    This story is about a power hungry HOA President. We will call her Helen.

    A few years ago, Helen proposed at our monthly HOA meeting that our street is too narrow for emergency vehicles like fire trucks or ambulances to fit through and she’s worried that they won’t be able to reach the cul de sac houses in an emergency. 

    It’s not a thru road so only residents of this small street ever need to use it. Sure it can be a little tight at at times but two lane traffic moves comfortably (and it rarely ever needs to because it’s a quiet neighborhood street with not much traffic.) Fire trucks can and have been accessing the cul de sac since the beginning of time.

    But Helen was on a power trip and she wanted to have one side of the street curb painted yellow to restrict the parallel parking on the street. This move was heavily opposed because it would significantly limit street parking in our neighborhood.

    Plenty of people raised concerns that there wouldn’t be enough parking and this would affect the value of their homes. And since the street parking was first come first serve, it would create undue competition between neighbors in securing a parking spot on our street.

    But Helen pushed back saying that safety was more important being able to find a parking spot. She said there’s always plenty of room to park on the cul de sac if need be. It shouldn’t be an issue. And after much deliberation, we put it to a vote and the motion DID NOT pass. The highly unpopular curb painting would not be happening.

    Or so we thought. Helen went to the fire department a few days later and voiced her concerns. She told them the neighborhood residents had her support in painting the curb. And on a Monday afternoon while everyone was at work, they painted the curb yellow.

    We all came back home that evening to find that our available parking options had been cut in half. People were livid. One neighbor is particular was having none of it.

    Cue malicious compliance.

    You see he owned a small boat which he typically kept parked on the street. But now that parking was significantly reduced, he decided he would find a better place for his boat.

    He waited for Helen to leave for work the next day and parked it right in front of her house on the cul de sac, per her suggestion. The look on her face when she came home to find her usual parking space taken over by a boat was almost worth the whole ordeal. And since he rarely ever took his boat out, it stays parked there in front of her house pretty much year round.

    At the next HOA election, she was voted out. The next president got the curb painted back to normal but boat guy still parks his boat in front of Helen’s house. All is good in the world.


    TL;DR: Our HOA president painted one side of the sidewalk yellow and limited parking despite losing a vote to the neighborhood. One neighbor took his boat, which was usually parked by his home, and parked it right in front of the HOA president's home. She was livid and the boat stayed almost year round. 

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    No Christmas Lights Outside? Let Me Decorate My Windows

    From Redditor u/UndecidedMN:

    About 20 years ago, my wife and I had just gotten married and we rented a condo where all the windows and sliding door faced the parking area. My wife, to celebrate our first Christmas as a married couple put a white rope light on the railing on our 2 foot grilling area. It, was nice little gesture.

    That night we went out to dinner and when we came home, found a letter under our door. The letter read "All holiday lights must be removed immediately from the exterior portion of the condo. Christmas or other religious lighting is against HOA policy and failure to remove can result in fines and other legal actions."

    My wife felt horrible and I couldn't believe it. The owner of the condo had left a copy of the HOA regulations and I found a nice little loophole. Apparently, they could regulate lights on the exterior balcony/grilling area, but not lights inside the condo. Game on.

    Cue malicious compliance.

    I took my wife immediately to the big box hardware store and picked up two fake Christmas trees, about 2,000 colored lights, a light ball and whatever holiday decoration I could find.

    Our condo had 3 windows and the sliding glass door. I filled up each one of those windows with lights, crisscrossing, around the inside of the perimeter of the window and one had the led ball in the center. The sliding door had the Christmas tree in full view completely covered in lights and ornaments. Also the sliding doors were full of Christmas lights.

    My electric bill must have tripled. When you came into the parking lot of the Condo complex, you saw a beacon of light full of Christmas spirit. You probably could see the condo from orbit. And, nothing could be said by the HOA snitch.

    Apparently at the next board meeting, a proposed rule change was brought up to limit the amount of "holiday lighting" being shown through windows. It was quietly pointed out by another HOA board member that was an attorney that you probably could not regulate activities inside a person's dwelling.

    I moved out before next year, but I never received another notice.


    TL;DR: When I lived in a condo, my wife decorated the balcony with white lights for Christmas. We got a notice hours later that the lights were not allowed. I found a loophole in the rules that they couldn't regulate lights indoors. So, my wife and I decorated the indoor side of every window and the glass sliding door with lights and a Christmas tree. Apparently, at the next HOA meeting, someone proposed limiting holiday lighting in people's homes, but it wasn't approved. I moved shortly after. 

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    No Sunflowers In MY Garden? Then, I'll Plant Corn

    From Redditor u/MeowSchwitzInThere:

    Client walks into the office and asks us for a contract review. He then hands over an HOA contract. Before slogging through a whole HOA contract, I asked him what he was hoping to accomplish.

    "They want me to dig up my sunflowers."

    "Your... sunflowers?"

    "Yes, I planted a row of sunflowers outside my house. They pranced by and said that sunflowers are not allowed per the contract I signed. So I want you to tell me if that is true or not."

    "Sir, before anything else I need to tell you that this will likely be an hourly fee bill. HOAs are notorious for dragging things out. So these could quickly become expensive sunflowers."

    "I don't care. This is America and I should be able to plant sunflowers god d*mmit."

    Still thinking he wasn't that serious about sunflowers, I asked for a three hour retainer. He immediately pulled out a checkbook and paid for four hours. So I buckled down to review the alleged anti-sunflower clause.

    Just for reference, the sunflowers he wanted to plant were really big (5ft) and all along the front of the house. It was a very substantial amount of sunflowers.

    The contract did indeed contain a clause, with a very thorough list, on which plants were and were not allowed to be planted. The list had just about every plant I could think of, in alphabetical order (think apple, banana, cauliflower, dill...). Sunflowers included. Corn was not included, which becomes very important later.

    Quick legal point - if you write 'no dogs allowed' it is normally assumed that you are talking about all dogs generally. If you write 'no labs, golden retrievers, or poodles allowed' it is normally assumed that all other dogs are allowed. Sometimes a not great attorney will write a super long list to pad hours (read: charge more) instead of just writing 'no plants without prior approval' or something.

    I called the client back in for the bad news. In explaining the above legal point, I let him know that the HOA got a raw deal from whoever drafted the contract.

    "No can do on the sunflowers. But if it makes you feel any better they were probably over billed by whoever wrote this contract. Pretty shoddy work too, they even forgot to write down 'corn' but they included nonsense like 'dragon fruit'."

    "So yes to corn, no to sunflowers?"

    "I didn't really check the contract for corn. But its not prohibited in the plant section, so probably?"

    "Excellent. That'll work." I thought he was oddly happy with bad news.

    Cue malicious compliance.

    Then two or three weeks later he came in with a picture of his house, surrounded by huge sunflowers.

    What happened? This guy drove out to the country and bought obnoxiously large and ugly cornstalks. He promptly planted them where the sunflowers had been. When confronted by the HOA he told them (paraphrasing) to suck it the contract lets me plant corn. Then after some negotiation he agreed to take the corn down, in exchange for permission to plant sunflowers.

    Now we are friends, he is still a great client, and he lives surrounded by a ridiculous moat of sunflowers.

    TL;DR: A client came in and asked me to review his HOA contract as they said he couldn't have sunflowers. I reviewed it and let him know that it was correct but that he could plant corn. He drove to buy the ugliest corn stalks he could find and replaced the sunflowers in front of his home with corn. The HOA hated it so much they granted him permission for sunflowers and in exchange he would replace the corn. 

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    Want To Tow My Car? Let Me Park It Where It's Most Visible

    From Redditor u/wr*ssehole:

    The HOA doesn't like my project car, so I've decided to park it legally in front of the neighborhood's grand entrance.

    For context, my family and I recently moved into a rental house while our new house is being built. The rental is in the back of a gated community on a mostly undeveloped street.

    Yesterday, I received a letter from the home owner's association informing me that I'm not in compliance of the "strictly enforced by towing" restriction stating that vehicles may not be parked on the street overnight. In the letter was a picture of my project car (old BMW) parked beside our house on the street.

    I decided to look up the HOA's restrictions (which I haven't seen before since I'm a renter) and discovered I'm living in HOA h*ll. The street parking rule is just the beginning of a long list of restrictions including one warranting a hefty fine for "leaving the garage door open when not in use".

    This came as a huge surprise since several of my neighbors have parked their cars on the street without problem since I've lived here, so I assumed it was okay. I can only imagine that they've singled me out because my car is 30 years old, however, in my defense, it's very presentable and by no means junky.

    Being singled out made me incredibly frustrated to the point where I started doing legal research. It turns out my HOA has every right to tow my project car since it's parked on a private street in the neighborhood.

    Cue malicious compliance.

    The good news for me is that the street just outside of the neighborhood is public, and it's 100% legal to park on it for any amount of time.

    Unfortunately for the HOA, the closest section of public street to my rental house is right in front of their nice gated entrance. Ironically, my old BMW has now become part of their image, and there's nothing they can do about it until I move out in a few months.


    TL;DR: My new HOA threatened to tow my project car, a 30-year old BMW. My malicious compliance was to legally park it just outside of the neighborhood directly in front of the main gated entrance for anyone and everyone to see.

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    Warning For Using My Trash Cans? Let Me Start Asking For Permission

    From Redditor u/Endoman13:

    I’ve never met anyone that said “Oh good, an HOA.” We all have trash cans, but the sight of them offends the delicate eyes of some, so I complied with the new rule of ‘no seeing bins from the street’.

    I find a notice of my bins being out, which is surprising because I’m the only one who touches the cans and I know I’m 100% compliant.

    I call in and ask why I got the notice. The full description says “Bins in driveway with lids off.” I asked if this happen to be a Tuesday, and sure enough it was. Wednesday is pickup, and I was doing my weekly cleaning. "I was using them," I calmly explained through gritted teeth.

    “Oh okay I’ll remove the notice.” Great, but how do I prevent this from happening again? “Oh, uh....I guess notify us.”

    Cue malicious compliance.

    Alright, I said, I’ll notify you every time I’m using my trash cans. “Oh that won’t be necessary....” Clearly it is.

    That was five Tuesdays ago. Today, I once again called promptly at ten o’clock and let Alan know I was about to use my trash cans. “You know what, Mr. Endoman? I’m just going to put a hold on any trash can notices for you.” Hey that would be swell, Alan.

    That would be swell.


    TL;DR: My HOA has a rule that bins shouldn't be visible from the sidewalk. I always comply which is why I got annoyed when I got a warning notice about my trash cans WHILE I was using them. I got the warning removed and started notifying the HOA every time I was using my trash cans. Today, they told me they'll just put holds on any future trash can notices.