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Hobbies You Wish You Were Good At

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Ever find yourself envious of people who have cultivated impressive skills during their downtime? Then it may be time for you to develop some hobbies. Everyone, even celebrities, should have a few hidden talents. With a little practice, you can probably get pretty good at any of the interesting hobbies listed below. However, you'll actually have to put in time and practice. But you can handle that, right?

The best hobbies are challenging, but the sense of accomplishment you feel when you start to improve is what makes them fulfilling. And getting good at something that's hard makes it cool. But don't you kind of wish you didn't have to put in all that work? What are some skills you wish you had already cultivated? 

If you're looking for hobbies to pick up, scan through this list as inspiration. Vote up the hobbies that you wish you were good at. (And then go get good at them!)