The Funniest Hockey Team Names Ever

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Is your team ready to hit the ice? Are you waiting to drop the puck because you can't think of any good hockey team names? This list of funny hockey team names will have you lacing up your skates in no time. Whether you're playing ice hockey or roller hockey, this list of the best hockey team names should have a little something for everyone, so you can start the season off right. 

What makes a good hockey team name, anyway? A name can be based off of a mascot or a city, or it can be a clever bit of wordplay. Why not have a little creative fun with team names? Sports puns can be beautiful, and hockey is particularly punny - there are sticks, pucks, sweaty men, fights, Zambonis, and plenty of broken teeth and concussions. So in this list you'll find a whole lot of funny hockey team names because we simply couldn't resist. 

So which are the best hockey team names on the ice? Vote up the team names you like the most, and if you have any amazing hockey team names riding the bench, add them to the list! 
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    Fussy Puckers

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    Shut Your 5-Hole

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    The Mighty Pucks

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    Zero Pucks Given

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