The Most Beautiful Hockey Wives and Girlfriends

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The most attractive hockey wives and girlfriends are currently or formerly married to, or currently or formerly dating the fine men of the National Hockey League. Professional hockey players are not only famous professional athletes, but also fortunate enough to have relationships with beautiful women in the public eye, from actresses and musicians to models and athletes.

Currently, some of the most famous hockey wives include blonde beauties who recently wed their hockey studs but were already household names to begin with. Whether these lovely ladies were famous first and hockey wives second or the other way around, each has become a double threat as a stunning woman and fortunate enough to marry a professional hockey player. These women might not get as much love as football wives or basketball wives, but clearly they deserve that level of attention and so much more.

Elisha Cuthbert and Candace Cameron-Bure are two of the hottest NHL wives that you will definitely recognize from Happy Endings and Fuller House, respectively. Brandy Ladd, married to Andrew Ladd, is another of the hockey WAGS you will recognize. Who, of these ladies, are the hottest NHL wives? Vote up your favorites below! 

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