Interesting Fan Theories About Hodor

SPOILERS! So unless you are completely caught up on the television series and the books, read at your own peril.  
And now we know why his name is Hodor. If you’re not crying with us, you’re a White Walker. We’re beyond Hodor Game of Thrones theories now. Bran returns back in time to discover the heartbreaking and heroic purpose of this gentle giant.  
As the series brings many storylines together, we see the end of a great character, the beloved Hodor. And now we know why Old Nan told the Stark children all of those stories. Because she was preparing them for what was coming. She may not have known what happened to Wyllis, but she knew it wasn't something pleasant.  
She was there at the very moment Wyllis became Hodor. Hold the door! Shouted many times until he was left with one single word, "hodor." We need a minute to process. How about you?  Maybe some of these Bran and Hodor fan theories could still come true in some GRRM/D.B. Weiss/David Benioff twist. And maybe things will be different in the books. Until then... 
Goodnight, sweet Hodor.  We know you are holding the door somewhere and we hope you are at peace and enjoying some bacon. 

  • The End

    The End
    Photo: HBO
    He was there from the beginning, protecting the Starks, and particularly Bran, as part of a prophecy. It’s no accident that he carries Bran, literally, into the future. A humble stable boy played his part. And played it well. As the Night King and his wights attack the cave and a vulnerable Bran, he serves his final purpose... to protect Bran and Hold the Door. 
    Hodor. Forever. 
  • Or Is It?

    Or Is It?
    Photo: HBO
    Rainbowforest20 has a horrifying theory. “Hodor will be captured and carried to the Land of Always Winter in the arms of an Other where he will be touched by the Night King and transformed into a homicidal, blue eyed monster.” 
    If Bran can use Hodor, so can the Night King. Will we see Hodor again but as a terrifying wight? Nooooo! 

  • Hodor's Mind Is Imprisoned in a Horse

    Hodor's Mind Is Imprisoned in a Horse
    Photo: HBO

    A couple of Redditors put together this fascinating theory about Hodor. TazoGreenTea suggests that Wyllis (Hodor’s real name) had the ability to warg or had the green sight when he was a stable boy. He may have warged into horses as he was familiar with them and he may have warged for too long and forgotten that he’s human, thereby becoming lost in a world between animal and human. TazoGreenTea further suggests that Hodor is afraid of thunder, as most horses are, and is naturally predisposed to carry Bran on his back.  

    Gbinasia builds upon TazoGreenTea’s theory with Hodor having a crush on or closeness with Lyanna Stark. She rides a white horse, as did the Celtic goddess Rhiannon, who escaped an arranged marriage and meets a handsome stranger. They have a child who is later kidnapped. A storyline that very much reflects the Lyanna Stark + Rhaegar Targaryen = Jon Snow theory. 

    Gbinasia takes the theory even deeper, with Wyllis being enamored of Lyanna and warging into her white horse. Perhaps he is her horse when she has to flee the wrath of Robert Baratheon and sees things that damage him forever as he gets stuck inside the warg mind of the horse when it is slain in battle. Also, what if Hodor is the name of Lyanna’s horse? Jojen Reed and the Three-Eyed Raven warned Bran that he might be lost if he wargs too long. Hodor is a reminder of this.  

    But if Bran can unlock Hodor from his perpetual horse warg mind, he may just find out exactly who Jon Snow is while setting Hodor free. He also might find out that Hodor is a very important piece of the puzzle. 
  • Hodor is Höðr, the Norse God of Darkness and Winter

    Hodor is Höðr, the Norse God of Darkness and Winter
    Photo: HBO
    Book fans have said from the beginning that Hodor’s name sounds very much like the Norse god of winter, Höðr. This son of Odin is blind and manipulated by Loki into bringing about perpetual night by killing his twin brother Baldur with mistletoe. Is Bran Loki?  
    Kristian Nairn, who plays Hodor, has heard this one before. “Hodr, the god of winter. Yeah, yeah, yeah,” he said. “It's cool, and it's what helps make it all relatable, because their universe is not too far away from some things in ours. It's just slightly different. They're just a little bit off center.  And I've thought about that one, like, ‘Is that going to become relevant?' Who knows? I know as much as you do, unfortunately.”
  • Hodor Is the Great Other

    Hodor Is the Great Other
    Photo: HBO
    He’s just forgotten the fact. A common theory about Hodor is that he’s actually the rightful king of this world in the form of the Great Other. R’hllor, the Lord of Light, and the Great Other, Lord of Cold and Dark, have fought for centuries and it’s time for the Great Other to rise and rule. Perhaps Wyllis was zapped while he was warging and was trapped inside his own mind, unable to tell anyone that he is the ruler of the White Walkers and holds the fate of men and creatures south of the Wall in his hands. 
  • Hodor Is the Name of the Great Other

    Hodor Is the Name of the Great Other
    Photo: HBO
    What if something happened to Wyllis such as he was attacked by the Night’s King or the Great Other and the last thing he remember was “Hodor,” the Great Other’s actual name? Melisandre says that the Great Other’s name must not be spoken (à la Voldemort), and it could be that when Wyllis learns it while laying eyes on the actual Great Other or some important piece of the White Walker/Others puzzle, he is stricken and reduced to a one-word clue.