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14 Fan Theories About The Hogwarts Houses That Are More Than Magical

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One of the largest, and most beloved, franchises in history is Harry Potter. It's gifted us with so much magic, lore, and incredible characters, it's no wonder it has sparked an interest in so many. One of the most interesting, but little known and little discussed, things about the series is Hogwarts itself. From the founders to the houses and even the Sorting Hat, nothing has tickled or intrigued us quite like the mysteries surrounding our favorite castle. Some eager fans have managed to round up some surprisingly good theories about the Hogwarts houses, and we've chosen some of the best ones below.

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    All Four Of The Founders Of Hogwarts May Have Had A Secret Room In The Castle

    Photo: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets / Warner Bros Pictures

    From Redditor u/D-AU79:

    After rereading Chamber of Secrets I think that all four of the founders of Hogwarts had a secret room in the castle.

    The door to the headmaster's office is hidden behind a gargoyle. making it a great place for a secret/private study. Not the sort of place for a headmaster office. Since it requires a password to enter that makes it too private for an office that students, parents, and occasional government officials. An office that would be designed for such public use would not use a password, because if one student goes to the office, which happens many times with just the few students we know of, then it's likely that the entire student body could have that password. So either it was designed to change password after any not faculty visit, or it was not originally designed as the headmaster's office. With the griffin door knocker I think it was originally Gryffindor's private office that later generations converted into the headmaster's office because it was the nicest.

    The other secret room in the castle that is never given a clear origin is the room of requirement. A room accessed by mental concentration, with it's own imagination. A room that can be an office, storage room, apartment, bathroom, and really anything if the user has the imagination to think it up. The perfect place for a witch that values intelligence and creativity. This was created by Ravenclaw for her private use. It becomes the resting place for her diadem. It is also mentioned by Ravenclaw's own daughter, one of the few characters that would have been alive during the founding and would have know about her mother's private room.

    Hufflepuff on the other hand was not about secret chambers, or offices. She believed any and everyone should be allowed in the school. Her egalitarian philosophy would therefore not be focused on separating herself from the school but protecting every member of the school regardless of house/class. She created the statues and enchanted armor that protects the school during the battle of Hogwarts.

    Slytherin created the Chamber of secrets. Gryffindor created the headmaster's office. Ravenclaw created the room of requirement. Hufflepuff created the statues that protect the school.

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    If You Want To Get Into Gryffindor You Have To Ask The Sorting Hat

    Photo: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone / Warner Bros Pictures

    From Redditor u/EquivalentInflation:

    The Sorting Hat choosing Gryffindor is a placebo effect; people allow themselves to be brave by choosing the option.

    When Harry tried on the hat, it mentioned all of the houses as options, and Slytherin in particular. But Harry got into Gryffindor because he asked. He didn't specifically say Gryffindor, but he ruled out Slytherin, and didn't want either other house.

    Same for Hermione: we find out the hat actually wanted to put her into Ravenclaw, but she asked for Gryffindor.

    Ron and Neville both talked about being worried about getting into Gryffindor, and not living up to the expectations. Harry never told anyone except Dumbledore about his choice until he was an adult, and Hermione only told a small group of friends her fifth year. It's pretty likely that they, and others, made the choice, then never told anyone about it.

    When all of the Gryffindors first come in, none of them actually seem to have the traits of the house: Neville is cowardly, Ginny is shy and meek, and none of the Gryffindors really seem brave right off the bat, certainly not as much as other houses, where Malfoy is clearly arrogant and cunning, Luna is clearly clever, etc. In fact, many Gryffindors seem like they belong better in other houses: Hermione, McGonagall, and Dumbledore were [all] exceptionally intelligent; Percy was extremely ambitious; Neville and Ron were loyal and hardworking, etc.

    Godric Gryffindor set up the hat purposefully so that it would never just choose Gryffindor. We know that the hat sometimes will shout out a house almost instantly, which we never see occur with Gryffindor. The test isn't if someone is brave already, it's if they have the bravery to make the choice. If someone wants to be brave, they can be, and by getting the validation from the hat, they then start choosing that for themselves. Neville stands up for himself, both to Malfoy and to the trio. Percy throws aside his ambition for his family, and for what is right, Ginny becomes self-confident and self-assured.

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    Salazar Slytherin Created The Mirror Of Erised

    Photo: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone / Warner Bros Pictures

    From Redditor u/Hurrin:

    It is not known who, or when created Mirror of Erised, but I believe it might be Salazar Slytherin himself. One of the traits the Slytherin House is known for is ambition, and so, I believe, Slytherin might have created the Mirror, as a tool to show his students, what they could achieve through hard work, and to keep their ambition high. However, as Dumbledore said in Philosopher's Stone, the Mirror doesn't show truth, or knowledge, but rather user's deepest desire, and it drives people mad. So, I think that Slytherin looked into it himself, and he saw "perfect" world, with only pureblood wizards, and that's when he truly became an extremist, after being obsessed with his vision, to the point where he left the school, after fight with the other founders, and left the Chamber of Secrets after him.

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    The Sorting Hat Sorts Kids Based On Where They Will Learn The Most, Not Who They Are Comparable With

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    From Redditor u/Turtledonuts:

    The Sorting Hat is generally believed to be sorting based on the values or the characteristics of the students. People think that people who are brave are sent to Gryffindor, and so on. It's stated in the books that the hat has been around since the founding of the castle, and that it's highly intelligent. It's so intelligent, in fact, that it can recognize dangers and issue warnings about repeating the past. A simple object that sorts people based on personality or values doesn't need predictive intelligence, nor does it need to hide a valuable and deadly sword. In fact, it hardly needs to talk to kids at all. There's really no point in creating a singing, talking, mind-reading, genius hat to sort kids, when you could magically enchant the castle itself to sort the students, or to have their robes change colors, or something magic like that.

    Instead, the hat is made to be a performer, who impresses the children with the values of each house, before very publicly and forcefully declaring them to fit in one house or another. Why is the hat a performer? because he's trying to sell the first years on a message - that they fit in the house they've been sorted into. The entire weird house system is set up to convince the students that the house system works. The first year Gryffindors don't start out brave; they become brave over the course of the books. The Slytherins certainly aren't cunning and dangerous in the first few books, but by the last two books they're running elaborate plots and scheming together. Students become who they are because they think they can, because the magic hat (which is generally thought to be infallible) says so. The hat's entire goal is to ensure that students are sorted into the house that they will succeed in the most, not the house they fit the best.

    The hat starts off with a loud performance, but that's not to entertain the kids, it's to establish his credentials (I am a genius hat who will sort you correctly), establish his goals (I will sort you into a house you fit into), and make sure the new students don't notice the rest of his game.

    He then proceeds to sort kids based on not only what they think will help them, but based on who they would be surrounded with, with the goal of maximum educational and life success.

    - Malfoy goes to Slytherin because, despite the obvious benefits of teaching Malfoy better attitudes in another house, Slytherin would work best for him. In other houses, Malfoy would be ostracized for being a sh*thead. In Slytherin, he may perpetuate unpleasant attitudes, but he works hard and prospers none the less.

    - Hermione is sorted into Gryffindor because (not despite) she would fit better into Ravenclaw. In Ravenclaw, she would be part of the pack, marginalized and content to hide in the corner and read. In Gryffindor, she is an outlier and becomes popular and gains confidence, and is never treated poorly for her flaws.

    - Ron goes to Gryffindor because his brothers are there, so he will be safe to develop and get over his issues with being poor. He would have been better suited for Hufflepuff (unpopular I know), because he's loyal, kind, and friendly in the start of the book. However, in his attempts to live up to his family name, he comes into his own, and finds good loyal friends who can encourage him to excel.

    - Harry only ends up in Gryffindor because he asks for it. The hat, being an intelligent object, recognizes that its placebo program only works if people buy in. Due to his traits, Harry deserves Slytherin. He's cunning, quick witted, and able to work with others well. He would be respected and protected in Slytherin, and thrive there in a vacuum. However, the hat recognizes that Harry's reputation would create conflicts there, and so instead sends him to Gryffindor. In addition, he knows that since Harry wants Gryffindor, he will function best in Gryffindor.

    All the kids assume the hat is seeing these traits in them, but in actuality, the hat is engineering the situations in which those traits are created.

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