Total Nerd If You Went To Hogwarts, What Would You Use The Room Of Requirement For?  

Karen Lindell
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The architects and interior designers at Hogwarts came up with some magical design elements at the Harry Potter wizarding school: moving staircases, the prefects' bathroom, the Great Hall's enchanted ceilings. Perhaps the most magical - and useful - bit of Hogwarts engineering, however, was the Room of Requirement, probably best described by Dobby: "[I]t is a room that a person can only enter when they have real need of it. Sometimes it is there, and sometimes it is not, but when it appears, it is always equipped for the seeker’s needs."

In the crazy world of Harry Potter, the Room of Requirement became among other things a room full of chamber pots for Dumbledore, a headquarters for Dumbledore's Army (especially useful for conjuring Patronuses), a hangover-recovery spot for Winky, and a catch-all spot for hiding secret and forbidden items.

So if you were a student at Hogwarts, what would the Room of Requirement turn into for you? This list provides possible scenarios a student or anyone else at Hogwarts might use the room for. You do have one limitation: according to one of the five exceptions to Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration, one cannot make food from nothing. So the Room of Requirement can't be filled with ice cream, treacle tarts, or macaroni and cheese.

Vote up the best Room of Requirement possiblities, and remember you are at Hogwarts and living in that world, not in your own house or Muggle school.  

57 8
A place to practice spells, with first aid supplies and cushions just in case.
70 13
A pet therapy spot, filled with puppies or kittens to play with during stressful exam times.
64 12
A library with an endless supply of books, and where talking is allowed (i.e., no shushing from Madam Pince).
62 12
A private bedroom for when you get tired of sharing a room in the dormitories.
65 15
A napping nook, with a comfy couch, soft blankets, pillow, and stuffed owl or toad.
56 10
A meeting place for your secret club.
50 11
A school supplies store for everything you forget to get at Diagon Alley at the beginning of the school term.
47 10
A warehouse of all the best potions, like Felix Felicis.
53 14
A sandy beach with sunny skies and warm breezes to create a tropical escape during those nasty cold Hogwarts winter months.
46 13
A private apartment for Sirius Black.
48 15
A studio with paint supplies and instruments, because Hogwarts doesn’t offer art or music classes.
43 14
A large clothes closet for swapping or finding outfits, like modern and unmoldy dress robes.
41 15
A greenhouse, with plants and flowers for enjoyment, not to learn about.
45 19
A romantic getaway for surreptitious snogging.
34 14
A luxury Quidditch box, with the ability to watch matches during inclement weather.
35 15
As a place to remind you of Dobby (and keep your feet warm), a space filled with colorful mismatched socks.
36 16
A place to hide illicit items, from Fanged Frisbees to dragon eggshells, but NOT Horcruxes.
22 25
A recording studio, for creating a new Hogwarts school song and other tunes. 
16 28
A chamber full of chamber pots (i.e., a bathroom).
18 32
A yoga studio.