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What Happened To Everyone In The ‘Holes’ Cast?

Holes is one of those smart, snappy, satisfying children's movies that sticks with you long after the credits have rolled. The film played a significant role in the childhoods of many young viewers and used a lighthearted, breezy tone to address its surprisingly dark subject matter. Holes also helped launch the career of Shia LaBeouf and proved to be the perfect showcase for the precocious young talent.

Based on the Newbery Medal-winning young adult novel by Louis Sachar, Holes tells the story of Stanley Yelnats IV (LaBeouf), a boy who is wrongfully convicted of theft. For his punishment, he is given a choice between jail or the mysterious Camp Green Lake. He chooses the latter, where he is conscripted to dig holes for a strange and intimidating warden. Eventually, Stanley learns the true purpose of the boys' toil at Camp Green Lake and embarks on an adventure that changes his life - and destiny - forever.

Let's take a look at what happened to some of the principal players in the Holes cast.