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Who Was Hollywood’s Leading Man The Year You Were Born?

Updated 23 Jun 2020 72.3k views46 items

Who was the biggest actor the year you were born? These leading men by year signify the sign of the times. Will it be a hunky stud like Brad Pitt or Robert Redford? Or a comedic genius like Jack Lemmon or Steve Martin? How about a cool cat like Steve McQueen or Sean Connery? Check out the biggest actor by year from 1960-2005.

These screen icons all have one thing common: For at least one year, their acting careers were absolutely on fire. Perhaps their movies ruled the box office. Or, perhaps they earned Academy Award recognition for their work. What were the films that made them such a big deal?

Who was the most popular actor the year you were born? Is the leading man one of your favorites? Is he still relevant today? Read on to find out.