Who Was The Hollywood "It Girl" The Year You Were Born?

While no one can remember much about their birth, it’s sometimes fun to find out facts about the year you came into the world. You may be wondering about the biggest movie of the year, the hottest TV show the year you were born, or perhaps even who the biggest Hollywood "it girl" was. 

Of course, being a Hollywood it girl isn’t just about film success; the celeb in question also has to represent a significant cultural shift. Whether society was shifting towards sexual liberation, wholesome family values, or political activism, the it girl of the moment represented that change.

Jennifer Lawrence owned the spotlight in 2012, Megan Fox was all the rage in 2007, but who was the biggest Hollywood it girl the year you were born? They may have appeared alongside the biggest actor of the year, or perhaps they spearheaded a political movement that stretched beyond their acting career. 

Whatever the case, the it girl from the year you were born usually represents so much more than simple stardom. She symbolizes the era's cultural mood, so learning about her may lend you a deeper understanding of your birth year.