Hollywood's Tarzan Movies List

The best Tarzan movies will have you swinging from tree to tree. It doesn't matter if you love the old Tarzan movies that came out during the golden era of Hollywood or you appreciate the more modern interpretations such as Disney's Tarzan or The Legend of Tarzan starring Alexander Skarsgard and Margot Robbie as Jane. Needless to say, between the Tarzan serials and the feature length films, there are plenty of Tarzan movies to choose to from. So if you've ever asked yourself, "How many Tarzan movies are there?" the answer is below and don't forget to vote on all your favorite Tarzan films. If you don't see a Tarzan movie that you love, feel free to rerank the list and add it there. You can also share the list with your friends to get their opinion.

Vote up the Tarzan movies you love the most and vote down any that you think other fans should skip. 

  • Tarzan the Ape Man is a 1932 pre-Code American action adventure film featuring Edgar Rice Burroughs' famous jungle hero Tarzan and starring Johnny Weissmuller, Neil Hamilton, C. Aubrey Smith and ...more
  • Tarzan and the Lost Safari is an action adventure film featuring Edgar Rice Burroughs' famous jungle hero Tarzan and starring Gordon Scott, Robert Beatty, Yolande Donlan and Betta St. John. The movie ...more
  • Tarzan and the Valley of Gold is an adventure film starring Mike Henry in his debut as Tarzan. This movie, produced by Sy Weintraub, written by Clair Huffaker, and directed by Robert Day, is ...more
  • Tarzan's Deadly Silence is an adventure film composed of an edited two-part television episode of Tarzan released as a feature. It stars Ron Ely as Tarzan. Former Tarzan actor Jock Mahoney and Woody ...more
  • John Clayton (Casper Van Dien) has come a long way since his days in Africa swinging through the trees as Tarzan. He lives in England in wealthy surroundings and is about to be married to the ...more
  • Innocent Jane (Bo Derek) seeks her flamboyant British father (Richard Harris) in Africa and meets Tarzan (Miles O'Keeffe), who shows her around.
  • Tarzan's Three Challenges is a British-American adventure film filmed in Metrocolor, which is a followup to 1962's Tarzan Goes to India. The film was Jock Mahoney's second and final turn as the ...more
  • Tarzan's Savage Fury is a 1952 film starring Lex Barker as Tarzan, Dorothy Hart as Jane, and Patric Knowles. The movie was directed by Cy Endfield. While most Tarzan films of the 1930s, '40s and '50s ...more
  • The Legend of Tarzan is a 2016 American adventure film directed by David Yates, based on the fictional character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Tarzan (Alexander Skarsgard), having acclimated to ...more
  • While studying in the remotest regions of Africa, archaeologist Dr. Brooks (E. Alyn Warren) is kidnapped and held hostage by a tribe of jungle dwellers. Lucky for him, he happens to be a friend of ...more
  • Tarzan in Manhattan is an action adventure CBS television movie. Joe Lara portrays Tarzan, and Kim Crosby appears as Jane Porter. Tony Curtis and Jan-Michael Vincent co-star. The telefilm was ...more
  • Classic tale of the wild man raised by apes in the African jungle after his explorer parents are shipwrecked and then die while he is still a baby. Rediscovered by adventurers when he has grown to ...more
  • Tarzan & Jane is a Disney direct-to-video film released on July 23, 2002, sequel to the 1999 animated feature Tarzan, and uses three unaired episodes of the film's corresponding television series, ...more
  • Tarzan, the Ape Man is a 1959 action adventure film starring Denny Miller as Tarzan, Joanna Barnes as Jane, Cesare Danova, and Robert Douglas. The movie is loosely based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' ...more
  • Tarzan's Revenge is a 1938 American adventure film starring Glenn Morris in his only outing as Tarzan. Eleanor Holm, a popular swimming star, co-starred as Eleanor Reed. The film was produced by Sol ...more
  • In this Disney animated tale, the orphaned Tarzan (Tony Goldwyn) grows up in the remote African wilderness, raised by the gentle gorilla Kala (Glenn Close). When a British expedition enters the ...more
  • Wealthy John (True Boardman) and Alice Clayton (Kathleen Kirkham) sail to Africa with their young son. But after a nasty mutiny, only the child survives. In the jungle, the boy is accepted by a ...more
  • The New Adventures of Tarzan is a 1935 American film serial in 12 chapters starring Herman Brix. The serial is a more authentic version of the character than most other adaptations, with Tarzan as a ...more
  • Tarzan is a 2013 American-French-German 3D computer-animated motion capture action adventure comedy-drama film directed and produced by German producer Reinhard Klooss which was released on October ...more
  • Predating his adventures as an adult vine-swinger, this animated feature has awkward teenager Tarzan (Harrison Chad) searching for an identity when he realizes that he's out of place among the apes ...more