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Everything You Need to Know About the Holographic Universe Theory

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Is the entire universe really just a hologram? Before you call the psychiatrist, we have a few modern scientific theories (and one really old Platonic allegory) that we think you should see. As much as we want to believe that we’re in complete control of our lives, that may not be true if we’re living in a holographic universe created by someone or something else. Keep reading to find out exactly what it means to live in a holographic universe, and what scientists are saying about the possibility that everything around us is just a simulation.

If we are living in a computer simulation created by aliens, god, our future selves (seriously take your pick, every option is crazy), then does anything we do matter? We’ll try to figure that out, and give you proof the universe is a hologram while we explain the science behind the universe hologram theory

After you finish reading all of these reasons the universe is a hologram, we suggest going outside and playing Frisbee with your bros, or maybe taking a nap. Whatever you do, don’t think about holograms for at least an hour. 

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