You Can Contact Your Guardian Angel With This Ancient Ritual - So Long As You Bind The Dukes Of Hell

If you knew how to summon your Guardian Angel, that would be pretty cool, right? What would you give for that ability? According to the rituals from The Book of Abramelin, this summoning is possible, but it comes at a great cost. For one thing, you have to live a pure life, which oftentimes means pushing yourself to the brink of insanity for months on end. For another, you actually have to summon Satan himself - as well as the Dukes of Hell - and bind them to your will. If you're unable to do this, you'll find the dangers of angel summoning can quickly turn deadly.

This is not all from some new age magick craze, either. This comes from an ancient text dating back hundreds of years to ancient Egyptian rituals. Aleister Crowley himself thought the ritual was of great importance. So, why isn't everyone summoning their Guardian Angel, then? Apparently, it's very easy to get the ritual wrong, and the consequences can be horrifying.

These holy Guardian Angel summoning ritual facts are astounding, whether or not you believe in magick. The mystery of this text's origins - and how it's survived this long - is an enigma in and of itself!

  • It Was Created By An Ancient Egyptian Mage

    It Was Created By An Ancient Egyptian Mage
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    This is hardly a new age ritual dreamed up by teens experimenting with the dark arts - the description of this ritual dates back to antiquity. According to the manuscript, the whole thing is a tale told by a man known as Abraham of Worms. He traveled from Germany to Egypt during the 1400s and met Abramelin, an Egyptian mage with a wealth of magickal knowledge. 

    The mage offered to teach Abraham all his ancient secrets, as long as he would give up all other "false dogmas" and lead a pure life. Once Abraham made his promise, Abramelin gave him the ancient manuscript books to copy for himself. After the copying, Abramelin also requested Abraham give away some of his money to the poor. Upon completion of the second step, Abramelin taught him the magick and science involved in the documents he copied. 

  • There Is A Lot Of Prep Work Before You Can Perform The Ritual

    There Is A Lot Of Prep Work Before You Can Perform The Ritual
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    The Book of Abramelin is both dense and esoteric, but the most famous ritual supposedly allows one to summon a Guardian Angel. In order to do this, you have to give up or change some fundamental parts of your life. First, you have to devote yourself to prayer and meditation every day. You must give up any other magick, religion, or moral practices, except for all those in line with the Abramelin operation. You are even advised to never record or acknowledge the month, day, or hour.

    On top of all this, you have to cleanse and purify yourself in other ways. You must be moderate in your eating and life practices, and you must be a fair and decent person no matter what. You should only bathe once a week - on Sabbath eve - and perfume your bed sheets. You must retreat from society, and eventually you have to fast every Sabbath. Only then will you live a pure life and have a chance of being good enough for the summoning.

  • The Ritual Can Take Well Over A Year

    The Ritual Can Take Well Over A Year
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    When you imagine a magic ritual, you may think of something you can do in an afternoon, or perhaps something that takes a few days. This summoning ritual isn't for rookies, though; in an early translation by S. L. Mathers, the ritual was said to take six months and happen in three phases. The first phase involves changing your life habits and praying; the second is fasting and seclusion from society; the third is devoting your entire mind to the texts and rituals, forsaking all other aspects of your life. Only then can you call upon your Guardian Angel to come to you. 

    However, later translations disputed the notion the ritual takes six months. Instead, they asserted, the whole ordeal takes at least18 months. If you mess up during this time - say, take a shower on a Wednesday - you have to start the ritual over from square one. 

  • If You Do Everything Right, You Can Summon A Guardian Angel

    If You Do Everything Right, You Can Summon A Guardian Angel
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    If you complete your 18 months of probation, and prove you are pure and committed to Abramelin's teachings, the payoff is potentially wondrous. In the final days of the ritual, you spend three days worshipping God and the Guardian Angels with every ounce of strength you have. If you are found to be devoted and pure, your Guardian Angel will at last appear before you.

    If your Guardian Angel arrives, he will be kindly and sweet towards you. He will answer any questions you may have. Your Guardian Angel will also give you tips on how to better pray and worship God, and he will make you feel good about your life. He'll promise to stay with you always, protect you, and make sure the life you live is a good one - as long as you continue to praise and worship. Last but not least, he will teach you an ancient, secret, holy magick only the angels know. You will gain power beyond what any mortal can imagine. Most importantly, he will teach you how to defeat evil, an area that is about to become very, very important to you.

  • You Need To Summon Satan To Continue The Ritual

    You Need To Summon Satan To Continue The Ritual
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    Even though you've summoned your Guardian Angel, the most difficult part of the ritual has yet to come. In order to gain control over your own negative impulses and familiars - your demons - you have to summon the original sources of those demons. These are called the Dukes of Hell, and there are 12 of them. The lesser of these Dukes are eight demons: Astaroth, Magoth, Asmodeus, Beelzebuth, Oriens, Païmon, Ariton, and Amaymon. There are also four prince demons, and they have very familiar names: Lucifer, Leviathan, Satan, and Belial. That's right, for this ritual, you will be summoning Satan himself.

    If you have listened well to your angel, you know what you need to do in order to bind them. And you absolutely must bind them. It will take three days - assuming you are still pure enough - and ends with you binding the four big bads to your will. You will force all 12 to pledge oaths of allegiance to you, and then you will have full control over your own demons.

  • If You Can't Bind The 12 Demons, You Can Become Possessed Or Die

    If You Can't Bind The 12 Demons, You Can Become Possessed Or Die
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    Now, as you might expect when it comes to summoning and dealing with God and demons, things can go wrong. And when they do go wrong, it's catastrophic.

    If you slip up during your probation period of cleansing, it's not so much of a problem. You just have to start over, which might be a pain, but doesn't really harm you otherwise. If you slip up during the ritual with the demons, however, they won't hesitate to devastate you.

    The sight of them alone has been known to drive weaker people mad. They will try to trick you, tell you that your faith and worship are useless and false, and may name every sin you have ever committed to try to break you. They may also try to bargain with you, and get you to come to their terms rather than bending to your will. They may demand a sacrifice or promise in return. They may even physically attack you. If you do not follow your angel's instructions, they will then have power over you. They can possess, or even kill you if they so choose.