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Behind-The-Scenes Stories From 'Home Alone'

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Home Alone is a Christmas classic that never gets old. For those who grew up watching the 1990 film, it might've been the first time they heard of stars like Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, and Catherine O'Hara. Some fans have seen it so many times that they've delved into finding details hidden in the film

What's equally fascinating is finding out details about what went on behind the scenes. Culkin has no shortage of behind-the-scenes stories from his films, and Home Alone is no different. The following stories are sure to make you appreciate this family classic even more.

  • In the post-shave scene, Macaulay Culkin was instructed to move his hands away from his face before screaming because his face would burn after shaving. However, Culkin got it mixed up and kept his hands on his cheeks as he screamed in pain.

    The production crew decided Culkin's version was better. Director Chris Columbus said, "We did it a couple more times with his hands off his face, but my editor, Raja Gosnell, he cut that take into the first cut that I saw and it was in there forever."

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  • Home Alone wasn't as cheery on set as it was in the film. Joe Pesci wasn't used to acting with children, so he decided to try a type of method acting for this film. On set, Pesci intentionally avoided Macaulay Culkin to frighten him in real life, thus making the acting more believable.

    "He’s pampered a lot by a lot of people, but not me," Pesci said. "And I think he likes that."

    While filming the sequel, Culkin reportedly asked Pesci why he never smiled; Pesci replied by simply telling him to shut up. 

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    The Movie Kevin Watches Throughout The Film Was Created Specifically For The Storyline

    The inappropriate movie Kevin watches in Home Alone is not a real movie at all. Those clips were made specifically for Home Alone

    The fake movie, titled Angels with Filthy Souls, was filmed early in the production schedule because it shows up several times in the film. Director Chris Columbus explained that it was one of the hardest parts of the process because filmmakers had to re-create the sound and feel of that type of movie:

    I’m obsessed with film, so I’d seen enough of them that it was kind of a painstaking task to get it right. And we had to find actors that felt like they lived in that particular time period, as well, which was an interesting thing. People kind of looked a little differently back then. I don’t know, maybe it was the camera, but we had to find actors that looked like they existed in the '40s.

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    The BB Gun Scene Was A Hand-Painted Special Effect

    Most of Home Alone's hilarious stunts were carried out by stuntpeople to save money, but the BB gun scene is one of the few that used special effects. In the scene, Marv's head sticks through the dog door while Kevin shoots a BB directly at his face. That single scene was hand-painted. Director Chris Columbus told Insider that "we didn't have CGI back then":

    [W]e paid a guy living in his mother's basement in Chicago $600 to hand-paint that BB going into Marv's head. So that was an animated effect. A guy with a paintbrush in a basement for six frames hand-painted a BB.

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