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15 Home Decor Tips For Renters

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If you live in a rental, you should know some tricks to make the space beautiful, cozy, and most important, livable. To save you time searching the entire internet for decor inspiration, here's a list full of useful and easy tips to turn the place into a magazine-worthy house. Which tips are the most helpful? 

  • From Redditor u/Not_a_throwaway_acnt:

    Decorate it!

    • Art on walls is an easy way to bring in your personality. You can find some really cool stuff at HomeGoods for cheap, or flea markets.

    • A rug! My apartment has a typical beige carpet in the living room so I've added a colorful rug with a nice texture.

    • Pillows and throws! I change colors based on the season but it adds a pop of color and makes me feel comfortable!

    • Plants and flowers! Having something green in my place is nice - but you can also get plants that filter the air! Double win!

    • Non-IKEA furniture! It's harder to find great deals but having furniture that is unique really makes it feel like my own place.

    • Clean up! Make your bed, wipe counters, keep it looking nice.

    I love interior design and also browse blogs like Apartment Therapy for inspiration.

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    Almost Free Art

    From Redditor u/raspberryseltzer:

    I'm not sure of your design aesthetic, but if I was in your spot I'd go to the closest thrift store/hit up Craigslist and get:

    Furniture (wooden, plastic, etc., but solid) that is so hideous it's dirt cheap BUT the form of it is fine. Think scratched-up tables, etc.

    China with chips, etc., that also make it cheap. Pick colors, designs, etc., that you like but that also complement each other.

    Then, make mosaic furniture/pieces - you can do tiles to hang on the wall, fancy up a tabletop, etc.

    Essentially, you just get some stress relief from banging china into pieces with a hammer (put that stuff in a towel, please!) and then glue and grout it. There are plenty of examples on Google. This can be as frilly or modern or whatever as you want.

    Another idea is to turn things into lamps. Lamp thingies (I don't know the name - but the cord + thing that holds the bulb with the switch) are like $2 at big box hardware stores. You can make anything from a jar to a bottle to a bunch of old ink cartridges into lamps.

    If you're looking into stuff to hang on the wall, start with old books or magazines (Cooks Illustrated, for example, has some gorgeous back covers). Get cheap frames, get almost free art.

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    Small Personal Touches

    From Redditor u/NewRomantic10:

    When I had my first student apartment, I bought a reasonably priced new bedspread and a bright throw blanket to liven up the bedroom and added my own knick-knacks and decorations around the rest of the apartment. I find small, personal touches like that make a huge difference when you're trying to make a space feel more like home.

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    Hang So Much Art

    From Redditor u/Creepthan_Frome:

    So so much art. I buy interesting art posters, vintage maps, tattoo art, weird prints, etc.; get them either framed or mounted and hang them up. Instantaneous "I live here."

    Bonus to my office, which also has cool mounted fish in it (fiberglass-based directly off of fish my grandparents caught in the '70s - and from their house).

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