Unspeakable Crimes 13 Photos And Videos Of Creepy Home Intruders Caught On Camera  

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One of the most frightening things about living in a big city is the possibility of a break-in. Even if you aren’t home when the invasion occurs, the thought of someone going through your things is incredibly unnerving. In order to give themselves peace of mind, many homeowners outfit their domiciles with security cameras, but that does little to deter thieves. Instead, those cameras only serve to create terrifying surveillance footage of home break-ins. While some of the following home intruders caught on camera were apprehended after their videos made it to air, many of the criminals who starred in a straight-to-evening-news breaking and entering security video remained free, even after their faces were burned across regional reports.

Are you worried that people may be breaking into your home at night and eating your food or trying on your clothes? If so, set up a home camera to capture those home invaders and see if your suspicions are correct. As you’ll soon find out, it’s not all that crazy to believe someone might be watching you sleep. And even if this list doesn’t inspire you to set up a web of security cameras to monitor unintended guests, you should at least be motivated to start locking your doors and checking under your bed at night for rogue clowns and general creeps.

This Intruder Walked Into A Nursery While Mom And Baby Slept

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A man in Layton, UT, broke into a family's home in May 2018. He was caught on a nanny cam. The unidentified man entered the home around 3:40 am, walked past the sleeping baby in the crib, and made his way to the side of the mother's bed. The family had no idea.

"Our sliding door to our bedroom was halfway open," the father told local news station KTSU. He noticed things were out of place the morning after, so he decided to consult the nanny cam. While the police only released a portion of the video, local news station Fox 13 claims the unidentified man exposed himself while standing next to the bed. No one was touched during the act.

"It terrifies me. I really don't know how to process it," the wife said. 

What was even more worrisome to the couple was the fact that there was no sign of forced entry, which led them to believe the man had been watching them for some time and learned their garage code; he could also be a friend. 

This Trespasser Ran Away Once He Saw The Mom Of The House

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A man shattered a sliding glass door of a home in Las Vegas, NV, in June 2017 only to run right back out. The intruder smashed the door and promptly headed up the staircase. What he wasn't anticipating, however, was the owner of the house scaring him half to death. 

Sharon Montelonge-Navar just got out of the shower when she heard someone in her home. Armed only with a towel, she started screaming at the man. 

"I said, 'What the hell are you doing? Get out! Get out! Get out! I just kept yelling it the whole time he was running down the stairs," she told local news station KTNV 13 Action News. The almost-burglar didn't have time to take anything and left empty-handed.

Home Invader Watches Couple Sleep In Their Living Room

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This story is definitely the kind of thing you don't want to read before you fall asleep, so sorry if you're already in your jammies. In 2016, a Chicago couple fell asleep (like all long-term couples do) on the couch in front of their TV. Sometime after they were both conked out, a man broke into their home and watched them sleep before stealing the woman's purse. Jack Mackercher and his girlfriend, Jordan Buranskas, got into an argument about the purse the next morning. "We actually got into a little bit of an argument about it. He thought I left it at the restaurant the night before," Buranskas said. When they decided to settle the argument by watching the surveillance footage of the previous day, what they saw sent a shiver up their collective spine. 

Mackercher said, "I'm like, 'Why are you at the top of the stairs wearing a white hoodie before we went to bed?' She's like, 'I wasn't at the top of the stairs.' So that's when you go flush and start to freak out a little bit." Well said. After the intruder made his way through their unlocked door, he stood above them and watched as they slept before making his way back into the night. 

Nanny Cam Catches Every Moment Of A Brutal Assault

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In 2013, one of the most horrible crimes to be captured on a CCTV occurred in New Jersey, when a burglar entered a house in the middle of the day while a mother and her daughter were watching cartoons on their couch. In the above video (which is very intense) the burglar throws the woman down before punching her in the face and throwing her around the room. Keep in mind, all of this happens in front of her three-year-old daughter, while her 18-month-old was asleep upstairs. After the brutal assault, the man goes upstairs, pillages the house, and comes back downstairs to kick the woman in the face and throw her down the basement steps. 

The woman described the living nightmare to a local New Jersey news station, "I knew that if I started screaming, my daughter would, too, and I was afraid she would get hurt. I took it. I didn't cry the entire time." Thankfully, this story has a positive ending. The criminal who broke into her home was caught and received life in prison.