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13 Photos And Videos Of Creepy Home Intruders Caught On Camera

One of the most frightening things about living in a big city is the possibility of a break-in. Even if you aren't home when the invasion occurs, the thought of someone going through your things is incredibly unnerving. In order to give themselves peace of mind, many homeowners outfit their domiciles with security cameras. In some instances, those cameras only serve to create terrifying surveillance footage of home break-ins.

There are many cases of CCTV footage leading to arrests, and some of the home intruders caught on camera were apprehended after their videos made it to air. However, there are other intruders who starred in a straight-to-evening-news security video and remained free, even after their faces were burned across regional reports.

Are you worried that people may be breaking into your home at night and eating your food or trying on your clothes? If so, set up a home camera to capture those home invaders and see if your suspicions are correct. As you may soon find out, it's not all that crazy to believe someone might be watching you sleep. And even if this list doesn't inspire you to set up a web of security cameras to monitor unintended guests, you should at least be motivated to start locking your doors and checking under your bed at night for rogue clowns and general creeps.