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The Most Impressive Home Run Derby Performances Of All Time

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The MLB Home Run Derby is one of the most beloved events of the year for any baseball fan. All Home Run Derby winners have created a special moment during the All-Star Week events. Legendary sluggers like Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Ken Griffey Jr. have taken home the championship after hitting more home runs than their peers. Recent stars have been tremendous, as well, with players like Giancarlo Stanton, Bryce Harper, and Aaron Judge showing off their power and winning the HR Derby.

The winners of the All-Star Home Run Derby are all spotlighted here. Their home run totals along with the year, stadium location and runner-up each will be provided to compare them all. Most of the MLB Home Run Derby events have videos to get a memory refresher on how great the performances were. 

Vote up for your favorite baseball stars who put on the most epic display in front of the sports world, and help decide who deserves to be the Home Run Derby king.

  • Photo: Arturo Pardavilla III / Wikimedia Commons

    Year: 1987
    Stadium: Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum
    Runner-Up: Ozzie Virgil
    Total Home Runs Hit: 4

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  • Video: YouTube

    Year: 2007
    Stadium: AT&T Park
    Runner-Up: Alex Rios
    Total Home Runs Hit: 17

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  • Video: YouTube

    Year: 1998
    Stadium: Coors Field
    Runner-Up: 19
    Total Home Runs Hit: Jim Thome

    Note: Also won in 1994 and 1999

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  • Video: YouTube

    Year: 2019
    Stadium: 57
    Runner-Up: Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
    Total Home Runs Hit: 57

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