Homeless Etiquette: Here's How To Not Be A Jerk To Homeless People

If you feel awkward interacting with homeless people, you may not be alone. This list breaks down homeless etiquette to help you navigate interactions with homeless people. After all, there's no reason to feel awkward - homeless people are just as human as the next person, and deserve the level of courtesy and respect afforded to strangers and passerbys. 

Cities with the highest rates of homelessness tend to be over-populated cities with warm temperatures, like Los Angeles, San Diego, Honolulu, and Las Vegas. New York City, Washington D.C., and Chicago experience their fairs hare of the homeless population as well. Unfortunately, these places have resorted to some inhumane methods to hide homeless in cities, such as installing spikes where people sleep and making less comfortable benches. 

With population rates rising and no signs of homelessness decreasing, knowing exactly how to socialize with homeless people is a valuable skill. Check out this list of do's and do not's make that next conversation with a homeless person go smoother for both parties.