Graveyard Shift Homemade Gore Makeup Transformations That Look (Almost) Too Real  

Erin McCann
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There are only so many Jack Sparrow and Frozen Elsa costumes allotted per Halloween party in October. Which means a little gore makeup know-how may come in handy around the spooky holiday. Amazing gore makeup is perfect for scaring friends or adding a unique twist to any costume. Sure, be Marilyn Monroe... but with a melting face. Homemade gore makeup tutorials can be found all over the Internet with many YouTube channels devoted solely to making Halloween the (fake) bloodiest it can be.

Using regular costume makeup in addition to items like spirit gum, liquid latex, gelatin, and scar wax, these gore makeup transformations will creep anybody out. All of these special makeup tools can be easily ordered online or likely found at your local costume shop or party store. These gruesome tutorial videos were created by artists with a passion for special effects makeup and they demonstrate how to create gashes, wounds, diseases and more. With a little patience and a bit of creative flair, even the most amateur of costumers can be next-level gory this Halloween!

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Speak No Evil Zombie Mouth

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Video: YouTube

YouTube's Glam & Gore shows how to create a horrific zombie-mouth look using liquid latex, cotton balls, and basic makeup. Self-taught makeup artist Mykie features all sorts of grotesque makeup creations on her channel, perfect for scaring your friends at Halloween parties or the neighborhood trick-or-treaters at the door. Mykie's professional-looking makeup tutorials include creepy looks like ripped flesh and popping eyeballs as well as plenty of everyday beauty makeup tips and tricks.

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Gory Stapled On Face

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Video: YouTube

Bonnie Corban SFX explains how to create this insanely grotesque look using scar wax, spirit gum, gelatin, and other costume makeup. On her channel, self-taught special effects makeup artist, Bonnie Corban, features a wealth of videos demonstrating body paint, gore, fantasy, and other makeup looks. This stapled on face is sure to freak out anyone you meet this Halloween and can be created at home with easily obtained makeup products.

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Pencil Pierced Through The Nose

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Video: YouTube

Karolina Maria demonstrates maybe the only safe way to pierce one's nose with a pencil. Her special effects makeup tutorial on her YouTube channel uses a real pencil snapped in half, liquid latex, modeling wax, fake blood, and cream makeup. An easily recreated horrific transformation. Maria also shares techniques and styles on her channel for beauty, fantasy, and other special effect makeup looks.

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Gnarly Acid Burn

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Video: YouTube

A few crushed Alka-Seltzer tablets make this acid burn makeup even more grotesque looking. The look is laid out in this video from Goldiestarling on YouTube where creator Angie Davis uses common makeup items. Her channel features enough special effects, fantasy, and beauty makeup tutorials to make every Halloween for the next decade extra freaky. There are also plenty of pure makeup looks without prosthetics if you'd prefer something less gruesome, as well as various makeup product reviews.