The 100 Best Jobs Homer Simpson Has Worked on The Simpsons

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Over the course of the longest-running animated series ever, Homer Simpson has tried out a number of different careers. Some of Homer's jobs on The Simpsons represent memorable adventures that stand the test of time in classic episodes, while others have been mostly forgotten. Everybody remembers that Homer was briefly an astronaut, for example, but how long has it been since you thought of his stint as a bodyguard, a bounty hunter, or Alec Baldwin's personal assistant?

In either case, Homer Simpson's resumé must be a couple pages long at this point. But despite his impressive LinkedIn page, Homer always ends up back as the safety inspector at Mr. Burn's nuclear plant. Now's your chance to rank old Fish Bulb's career accomplishments with this nifty list of every Homer Simpson job on The Simpsons.

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    Singer in a Barbershop Quartet

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    Krusty impersonator

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    Food Critic