Total Nerd There Is Astonishingly Convincing Evidence That Homer Simpson Might Be God  

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Homer Simpson is many things - selfish, lazy, dumb, loveable. But is Homer Simpson a god? Believe it or not, there's pretty compelling evidence floating around the Internet to suggest the Simpson patriarch is secretly the God (or a god) of his universe (and maybe even ours too). Thank Homer for this divine Homer Simpson fan theory. 

Think about it. How else do you explain how he survives horrible accidents and life-threatening medical incidents while other characters die around him? How is he alive thousands of years in the past and future? How does he always magically convince Marge not to leave him? Why is he the only character who can jump through dimensions into our reality? And how has a self-confessed couch potato achieved so much in his life while high-achievers continually struggle? Of all the crazy Simpsons fan theories out there, this is one of the most insane, and takes the show to biblical levels of weirdness.

Here's all the collected evidence that Homer Simpson is God, or a god. And if you like that, you might also dig the notion that all of The Simpson's after Season 4 Episode 18 takes place in Homer's head. 

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Homer Is Immortal

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Most cartoon characters seem to live ageless, infinitely long lives. But this is never explicitly depicted as immortality - more a kind of "frozen in time" stasis. Homer, however, has existed in both the ancient past, as shown in Season Two Episode 13, "Homer Vs. Lisa and the Either Commandment," and the distant future, as demonstrated in Season Five Episode 4, "Rosebud."

These aren't ancestors or alternate versions of Homer; he is very clearly himself in these different times. Meanwhile, in these distant pasts and futures, other characters either don't exist at all, or exist in an altered, artificial state that has allowed them to survive.

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He Has A Powerful Hold On Marge

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Marge is an eternally unfulfilled housewife who never leaves her idiot husband. Why is this? Are she and Homer really soulmates? Or is there more at work than meets the eye? Think about it. Every time Marge tries to leave Homer for good, she gets inextricably pulled back to him.

In Season Five Episode 22, "Secrets of a Successful Marriage," Marge returns to Homer because all the street signs she sees transform, telling her to do so. In Season Eight Episode 9, "El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer," she reunites with him in the most unlikely place he'd ever be - a lighthouse. Are these signs from the universe, or from her husband manipulating reality?

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Homer Has Survived Things No Normal Human Should

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The Simpsons is a show in which characters die permanently. Maude Flanders is perhaps the most famous example of this. Homer, on the other hand, seems un-killable. He's had multiple strokes, heart attacks, and suffered horrific physical injuries.

In Season Two Episode 8, "Bart The Daredevil," Homer plummeted off a cliff twice, a fall that should have killed him, or at least caused severe paralysis. He's also been exposed far too many times to radiation at the Power Plant to have never suffered from it. Is he just Springfield's answer to Deadpool, or an invulnerable, higher being?

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Homer Doesn't Die, Even After God Tells Him He Will

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In Season 4 Episode 3, "Homer the Heretic," God casually reveals to Homer he'll die in six months. But he doesn't. This could be construed as a throwaway joke in a serialized show in which things reset at the end of each episode.

Except that we already know death is a real and (usually) permanent thing in The Simpsons. Characters like Asa Phillips, Maude Flanders, and many, many Snowballs are just a few confirmed deaths throughout its history. By defying cosmic ordinances, Homer lives on.