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16 People Describe Terrifying Unsolved Mysteries From Their Hometowns  

Amanda Sedlak-Hevener
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Every town hosts its own collection of at least a few unsolved crimes. Some are standard "who did it?" murders, while others never receive formal investigations and are instead simply unsolved scary stories from hometowns. The allure of unsolved crimes lies in the loose ends they leave behind, which beg you to try your hand at piecing them together. Whether they involve serial killers, unusual hauntings, or young kids who simply disappeared into thin air, the these real scary stories from Reddit all fall on the creepy side of the spectrum. Who really killed committed these crimes? Though you may never know, it's always fun to speculate. 

A Possible Serial Killer

From KicksButtson:

"We have had a possible serial killer on the loose for the past fifty years or so. My hometown is a medium sized college town off the Mississippi River up in Wisconsin. Our region's population is anywhere from 50,000 to 60,000 depending on tourist season and college semesters. We have a ton of bars in town thanks to the college kid population. It's not uncommon to find at least one college student dead in the snow or on the river banks. Sometimes they get drunk and pass out in the snow, or decide its a good idea to go for a swim and get carried off by the current. The police have always assured the town that it's nothing more than drunk shenanigans. But there is a theory that the police know that some of the deaths have been possible murders, each with a similar method.

I work with an old man who used to be the sheriff of the next county over and he admitted to me that there is strong evidence to support the theory that a serial killer is involved. He admits the police have always played around with the theory, but without hard evidence to rule out accidental suicide they can't really chase it and the FBI won't get involved.

Some of the evidence to support the theory is that some of the bodies found on the river banks were upstream from the bar they were last seen at, rather than downstream which is where the body would logically float. The river runs north to south, and according of the location of the bodies they would have had to enter the water far north of the bank they eventually washed up on. But there are no bars up north, and no college kids really live up there.

This ex-sheriff also explained to me that many of the victims were seen leaving the bar with someone who wasn't one of their friends, yet somehow decided to take a nap in the snow or go swimming alone."

Weird Neighborhood Pranks

From an anonymous Redditor:

"Back in the early-mid '90s, a group was going around pranking entire neighborhoods. Nothing malicious, just mischievous. They would rearrange lawn ornaments, hang one person's bird feeder in another person's tree two houses down, point everyone's wipers up on the block, write things on their driveway like 'this guy smells like wet farts,' etc.

They eventually made some small news (b-section of local paper), and more people came out to say 'Hey this just happened to us two weeks ago!'. Then the pranks got more elaborate. Now, it was everyone's lawn ornaments from the entire neighborhood would end up in one person's yard. Instead of some juvenile scrawling on a driveway, there would be some type of cryptic message, usually a movie quote.

It went on to become somewhat of a small-town controversy. Some people laughed at it and praised the thought and effort behind it, and there were stories of people who lived near each other for five years and just spoke for the first time. On the other side, there were the 'It took me twenty minutes to find my garden gnome, these people should be locked up!' types. It got to the point that the local PD was issuing statements about how they were looking for the people responsible and that they would be prosecuted.

Then, it stopped as soon as it started, maybe two months later. Nobody ever found out who it was. To this day, me and four other people who may or may not have been involved, still blaze up and tell stories of that one summer when we were thirteen and bored."

The Mysterious Antique Shop

From coffeeblossom:

"What, exactly, went on at a particular antique shop that was only open four hours a week, and no one ever went in or out. They managed to stay in business for over 50 years, and according to town records were doing quite well. (They are, however, going out of business, and the old historic building which housed the shop is being sold.)"

Government Employee Vanished Into Thin Air

From mhks:

"A government employee was checking the weather equipment and simply disappeared. The house with the equipment was about 200 yards from a cliff, but you had to go down stairs and hike over lava rock to reach it. His car was parked in the drive way still running with the driver's side door open like he'd jumped out for a quick check then was going to run back. No trace anywhere was ever found of him. The locals (it happened in American Samoa) believe he was whisked away by the spirits."