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Soviet Propaganda Art That Was Unintentionally (Or Maybe On Purpose?) Homoerotic

Updated November 30, 2017 13.4k views20 items

The purpose of Soviet-era propaganda was to unite people under communist ideals and to eschew western values, especially capitalism. But, with a lot of man-on-man action in these posters, it seemed a little unintentionally homoerotic. A lot of the posters featured images of quintessential masculinity and bulging muscles, idealizing the hardworking communist male.

During the early ‘50s, communists took control of China and looked to the Soviet Union for support in growing their nation under the communist philosophy. During this time, a lot of Sino-Soviet  posters were created, usually with a Russian man in the role of supreme communist teacher and the Chinese man portrayed as an eager student. There was a lot of hand-holding, warm embraces and a lot of it was amazingly gay. This homoerotic Soviet propaganda was meant to symbolize a blossoming friendship between the two nations, but ended up looking more like the beginning of a gay adult film.

Enjoy this list of accidentally gay Soviet propaganda … but who is to say it was actually an accident?

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