15 People Reveal Their Wildest Honeymoon Destination Stories So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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Honeymooners and hotspot residents: vote up the stories that taught you a valuable lesson.

The last thing you want to do on your honeymoon is worry! In order to avoid any type of wild honeymoon stories, these honeymooners and people who live in honeymoon hotspots have come together to tell their tragic tales. Read these honeymoon destination stories closely, learn from them, and vote up!

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    Climbed Over The Railing In Yellowstone National Park

    From Redditor u/KingGilgamesh1979:

    I used to work at Yellowstone and the worst story I heard about, which happened a few years before I worked there, was a newlywed couple from Utah who wanted to get a photo near the upper falls. They climbed over the protective railing to get the photo and she fell over.

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    Threw Caution To The Wind At A Mexican Resort

    From Redditor u/buzzzt:

    I was in Mexico with my mother and sister. As we were walking down an outdoor path in the resort, we saw and young girl crying and her husband walking behind her frantic. They were both covered in cuts and bruises, surrounded by security and medical and of course on their honeymoon. I asked one of the staff what happened. The couple was getting intimate on their balcony and fell off! Apparently not too high off the ground, but hight enough to be beaten and shook up.

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    Took A Tuktuk Ride In Thailand And Almost Had Their Stuff Taken

    From a former Redditor:

    A Tuktuk driver in Thailand tried to take our stuff. Wife smashed him with a beer bottle and I wrestled the knife out of his hand. We ran like f*ck and left the island the following morning.

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    Walked In On By Another Couple In Hawaii

    From Redditor u/SoCalGorilla:

    Got married in Hawaii. Stayed at a swanky resort. Late one afternoon my wife was getting out of the shower, and I had boxers on lying in bed after a long day at the beach, when out of nowhere I hear the front door opening up, I thought it was my wife, and she thought it was me, but in walks a couple with luggage and key card in their hand asking what we are doing in their room... Needless to say, we were upgraded to an ocean front suite for the rest of our stay due to the screw up at the front desk... We were also comped meals for the rest of our stay, and 1/2 our bill was also comped.

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    Walked Back To The Reception Half Dressed In Las Vegas

    From Redditor u/fellchieftan:

    I live in Las Vegas, and I used to work in one of the major casinos on the strip. One night in one of our clubs during a wedding reception one of my employees let me know that he had heard multiple people in a bathroom stall. The stalls had full doors so you couldn't see feet, but you could definitely hear something going on. I called security and they ask the people to open the door. Soooo...out comes a groomsman, followed by the bride....followed by the best man....followed by the groom....all half-dressed. They proceed to go right back to the reception like nothing ever happened.

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    Put Too Much Trust In A Hammock In The Caribbean

    From Redditor u/puterTDI:

    We went to the Caribbean for our honeymoon (it was awesome, we want to go back).

    Our villa had a hammock strung between the handrails. We were laying in the hammock together reading books (there was a tropical storm for the first couple days), the damned thing broke and dropped us on the ground.

    We had to go in and tell the front desk/reception that it was broken and ask that it be fixed. With the look they gave us, I'm absolutely positive they did not believe we were just laying in it reading a book. My wife kept turning red, I was having a hard time not laughing.

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