15 People Share Their Honeymoon Fails To Prepare You For The Worst

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A honeymoon can turn out to be more sour than sweet if you aren't prepared. If you want to make sure you're ready for every eventuality, check out these Redditors' honeymoon failure stories and try not to repeat their honeymoon disasters. 

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    Their Wife Never Even Showed Up

    From Redditor u/FunkTurkey:

    We decided to take a cruise for our honeymoon. Cheap, travel, beach, possibly fun, what's not to love? I book the trip for a few months after our wedding because that's kind of what worked best for us.

    Fast forward to then - She heads out for our departure port a day early, to go hang with college friends. I leave later because I'm at work. I get to the port on the departure date and she's nowhere to be found. She's not answering calls or texts. I start to get worried. I call her folks. They've not heard from her. She's seemingly vanished.

    After a few hours of panic, I get a message from her. She's not going on our honeymoon. What in the hell? Turns out she shacked up with a guy and we were done.

    Joke's on her- I went on the cruise anyway and had a f*cking FANTASTIC time. We divorced very soon afterward, she married that guy, had a kid, they split, she married another guy, haven't heard from her since. Me, I'm happily married now with 4 kids and things are going pretty great.

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    They Got Seasick On A Two-Week Cruise

    From Redditor u/ostentia:

    We took a two-week cruise to the Caribbean. I'd been on a cruise before and didn't experience any seasickness, but for some reason, I ended up getting sick as a dog for the first 3 days we were at sea. I essentially couldn't eat, drink, or leave the bed for that entire time, so I spent the majority of my time in a Dramamine-induced haze while my husband explored the ship on his own.

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    Their Husband Got Sick And Puked The Whole Way To The Honeymoon

    From Redditor u/jbclbd01:

    My husband got sick from bad food on our wedding night. He puked during our whole flight on the way to our honeymoon and wasn't back to normal for 2 days.

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    Their Required Dining Partners Recently Got Divorced

    From Redditor u/ColinAllCarz:

    Our cruise ship said they had no record of the money we put on account with them, our room smelled like someone wiped their tush with it (they couldn't switch us), the couple at our required evening dining table had recently divorced but went on the trip anyway, and a guy chased us at one of our ports. We had to laugh.

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    They Got Sick, Their Car Broke Down, And Then Their Grandma Passed 

    From Redditor u/katieanye:

    My husband and I had a lovely little two-day mini-moon at an adorable B&B in Nottingham. No complaints there! Other than wishing it were longer, of course.

    My sister and BIL, on the other hand, went to Chicago, she got sick with a fever, their car broke down, and then my grandma passed unexpectedly halfway through the week. Poor girl was sick, far away from anything familiar, and devastated. They ended up going home early so they could recuperate a bit before the funeral, which was probably a good thing. Fortunately they gave themselves a "do over" for their first anniversary and by all accounts it was much better!

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    Everything They Wanted To Do At Their Destination Was Closed

    From Redditor u/reddy_freddy_:

    We went to Vermont for two weeks in the two middle weeks in October. Turns out that nearly everything we wanted to do was closed and over by the week before, I guess once peak leaf peeping season was over. We still had a fun time, however, I got my period the day of the wedding. So I had to deal with that the first five days of the honeymoon, after which I got a UTI (thanks body, you POS) that was massive and horrible, we had to be only where I could be near a bathroom.