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15 People Share Their Most Outrageous Honeymoon Horror Stories

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Ah, to be newlyweds, fresh from the reception and on the way to an adventurous, romantic vacation... until the car breaks down, the luggage gets misplaced, and the hotel develops an infestation. These brides and grooms have all endured such disasters. Told by family, friends, witnesses, or the newlyweds themselves, these stories of honeymoons gone wrong and honeymoon nightmares are all pretty bad, but which one is the most awful? Vote to let us know!

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    Curb Your Mother-In-Law

    Posted by u/bettydrapers:

    It's the night of our honeymoon and [husband] has left to go get a bottle of champagne for us. While he's out, I decide that I'm going to get into a cute little lingerie set that I'd bought especially for the night. I'm in the bathroom getting done up when I hear the door to the hotel room open. Thinking that it was my husband returning, I decide to waltz out and surprise him in my risqué little number. Except it wasn't my husband returning. It was my mother-in-law.

    How did she get into my hotel room? Because she paid for the room, her name was on the booking, so she got a key from the front desk.

    My first reaction was to scream. I was practically naked. I raced to grab my robe and cover myself up... This is when she decides to tell me that she and my father-in-law decided to treat themselves to a holiday and are in the hotel room next door. Finally, my husband comes back... She then continues, telling us that she and father-in-law had just gotten into a very heated argument, and she didn't feel safe going back to her room, so she wants to spend the night in ours. She promises she won't bother us. This whole scenario is a f*cking hot mess.

    [Husband] tells her that she needs to leave our hotel room... Mother-in-law's reply? "How dare you! I paid for this room! It's only for tonight. He will cool down, and I'll be out tomorrow. If you don't let me stay, you can both get out!" We can't afford to honeymoon anywhere else, and we have no home to go back to... So he felt like he really had no choice but to let her stay. I was so angry I could have killed them both then and there.

    Mother-in-law then proceeds to say that I can sleep on the couch, and she'll share the bed with my husband... This is where I drew the line and told her that there was no f*cking way that she'd be sharing a bed with my husband on my wedding night. Eventually, she reluctantly agreed to sleep on the couch, which was about two meters from our bed. I spent half the night locked in the bathroom, crying, and the other half sleeping stiffly next to my husband. With his mother on the couch two meters away. On my wedding night. The next morning, when we woke up, she was still there. 

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    Family Bonding Time

    Posted by u/carolynroberta:

    My husband's grandparents own a beach house and offered to let us honeymoon there. I assumed they'd be staying at one of their other four homes. Nope. They stayed at the beach house and invited the rest of the family. Aunts, uncles, cousins, everyone - there were over 20 people in this three-bedroom beach house. For a week.

    When I suggested we just go rent a motel room for the week, my husband freaked out because we might offend someone. Sure enough, when we left to go for a mere walk on the beach, multiple people flipped out because we weren't spending time with the family. That was eight years ago. We're not divorced, but sometimes I wish we were.

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    Home Video

    Posted by u/OinkOinkthenMoo:

    My dad and his first wife had a nice honeymoon at some fancy resort. Apparently, five years later, on their anniversary, they went back to rekindle the romance and booked the same room. They requested some raunchy VHS tapes to get them into the mood. As they popped one in, they couldn't help but feel that the room was a bit... familiar, shall we say?

    Unbelievably, it was the very room they were in, albeit decorated differently. It didn't take long for them to realize that the people banging away on the bed were actually them and the whole video was filmed by a hidden camera.

    This is all true. There was a lawsuit, people were fired, unfortunately for me and my trust fund, there wasn't a major payout as it was the '70s and people weren't so litigious.

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    Sticks And Stones

    Posted by u/storybook18:

    We had the dream trip planned: 14 days in Munich, Germany, Paris, and London over Christmas and New Year's. Every hotel selected with precision. Days planned out perfectly. Awesome flights booked. Excursions planned. 

    Then I was admitted to the hospital seven days before we left. Kidney stones...

    They did not pass before we left. Ever taken an eight-hour flight and had to pee the entire time? Every 10 minutes, like clockwork, I got up so I could pee and/or puke from the level of pain. People were staring. The poor flight attendants had no clue how to help but were so sweet...

    Then I got another [kidney stone] while I was there, pulled a muscle, was unable to walk for most of the trip, and got bronchitis.

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