And The (Honorary) Academy Award Goes To ...

All honorary Oscar recipients have achieved the ultimate recognition in Hollywood. From the first ceremony in 1929, the Academy has handed out honorary Oscars to cinematic luminaries and companies whose achievements were too great to ignore.

Among the first honorary Oscar winners were two of the most famous figures in film history, Charlie Chaplin and Walt Disney, who won honorary Oscars for creating Mickey Mouse and producing Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. In addition to people, companies like Warner Bros. Entertainment and Technicolor can also be included on the list of those to receive an Academy honorary award.

Perhaps the most prestigious award is the Oscar lifetime achievement award, celebrating the entire body of work prodcued by an individual. Among the winners of the lifetime achievement Oscar are Chaplin, Orson Welles, and Gary Cooper.

So spend some time checking out every honorary Academy Award winner and remembering their tremendous achievements.

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  • 2019: "When you meet her, you understand immediately you are in the presence of incredible talent."

  • 2019: "For all Wes's practical skill with words it's still how he uses them that makes him such a brilliant actor."

  • 2019: "You have to let his quiet guide you. Simply put, you can tell what he likes and doesn't like just by looking at him."

  • 2018: "whose unforgettable performances and personal integrity have inspired generations of filmmakers, actors and audiences"

  • Lalo Schifrin

    Lalo Schifrin

    2018: "in recognition of his unique musical style, compositional integrity and influential contributions to the art of film scoring"

  • 2017: "her compassion and curiosity inform a uniquely personal cinema"