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The Best "Hooker with a Heart of Gold'' Film Characters

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List RulesStrippers don't count. Upvote the best hooker characters, who are more than just a lady of the night.

They may have a disease or two, but cinematic hookers also have veritable hearts of gold! Well, at least most of the time (ahem, Aileen Wuornos in Monster). These fictional hookers totally mean well, and just want to make their way in this big bad world. So which hooker characters are the best? Which of these ladies of the night have a heart of gold under that mini skirt and five pounds of eye makeup?

What exactly is a hooker with a heart of gold anyway? The criteria is simple. They're stuck in this position due to poor circumstances, and though they're looking for a buck or two, they're also looking for love! Or family. Or an advancement in career. Or occasionally, a good time.   
The one thing you'll often find with these "floozies with feelings" is a sense of pride. They're not ashamed of their jobs, they do what they do and they won't apologize for it. These gals are working what they've got and doing the best they can.

So upvote the best fictional characters, from film or television, who just happen to be hookers. No matter what got them into this line of work, these women are all doing their best, in this definitively un-glamorous line of work.