Graveyard Shift The Secret Satanic History Of One Of America's Largest Landmarks  

Tucker DeSaulnier

The Hoover Dam isn't just a testament to engineering ingenuity, the might of the American workforce, the viability of dam-based tourism, and the value of hydroelectric power. According to some conspiracy theorists, it's also a testament to stealthy Satanism.

Confused? Perfectly reasonable response, but if you have a knack for symbolism, this theory might convince you that the Hoover Dam has ties to Baphomet, Madonna, and even, tangentially, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Yes, a close analysis of symbology at the dam is said to reveal connections to Satanists, for whom Baphomet is a pretty big deal and whom Madonna has invoked in stage performances. 

How does The Rock play into this? Well, a certain summer blockbuster starring the world's favorite wrestler turned movie star finds the Hoover Dam violently destroyed in a series of apocalyptic earthquakes.

As you'll see in the video below, this may just presage the real fall of the dam and possibly even the world.