Weird Nature Terrifying Footage Of An Australian Hornet And A Huntsman Spider Battling To The Death  

Rebecca High

Jeremy Wittber was building a patio at his home in Perth, Australia, when he noticed a hornet dive into a pile of bricks. It turned out the hornet was chasing a huntsman spider. Naturally, Wittber recorded the battle between the two creatures in this mini epic video.

The hornet really goes after the spider and it's a complete defense play for the caught-off-guard spider in the battle's first moments. 

The hornet even flips the spider over on its back and the legs and wings are eerily flailing about as the spider struggles to fight back and regain footing.

It's a harrowing battle and absolutely riveting to observe. Can the airborne insect keep the assaulted arachnid on the ropes? Watch this video to see which creature ultimately declared victory!