Weird Nature Kinky Animals Who Get the Buckwildest  

Chase Christy
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When most people picture horny animals, they think of, well, people. Despite man's reputation as being the most sexual creature on the planet, other animals are equally as horny and, in some ways, even kinkier than humans. From killing their mates after intercourse to masturbating like fiends, non-human animals are getting busy in their own unique ways.

The horniest animals on the planet include some animals that are the most sexually aggressive of their kind, and animals that have the most sex out of all other types of animals on the planet. These creatures have serious kinks that will make you look twice at that cute dolphin or innocent rodents ever again. 

Short-Nosed Fruit Bats Perform Oral Sex On Each Other And Themselves

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

In 2009, a study about short nose fruit bats paired 60 wild bats with partners, and their sexual exploits were documented. The male bats used leaves to erect make-shift houses. But that's not all they were used for - the bats used them as brothels where males interacted with numerous different females. Fruit bat sex is pretty kinky stuff - the bats start with foreplay by licking one another. The male bat will bestride the female bat and will engage in pretty straightforward intercourse. However, it is common for females to fellatiate the male during the act. But the male fruit bats are into some taboo practices and will use their mouths to clean off their penises upon finishing.

Dolphins Wrap Electric Eels Around Them To Feel A Sexual Shock

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Photo:  By Arnaud 25 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons/Wikimedia Commons

Dolphins have often been compared to humans in terms of their intelligence, and it turns out they're also similar when it comes to sex. Dolphins engage in various forms of “taboo” sex and masturbation. One such method of pleasure comes from dolphins wrapping eels around their penises and getting off on the electric shock. They're also known to engage in same-sex relationships to strengthen the bond between their friends. Lastly, it is unclear how consensual this is, but many humans have claimed to have successful sexual relationships with dolphins. Creepy.

Female Giraffes Pee In Male Giraffes's Mouths Before Mating

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Photo: PMillera4/flickr/CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

There's only one way to determine if a giraffe is the perfect mate - and that way is to drink their pee. No, seriously. When deciding which female they want to mate with, male giraffes will pee into their mouth to see whether she's in heat. If she is in heat, the male will follow her around until he can finally mount her and - usually by force - mate. 

Males will fight with one another over a female giraffe, often nipping at each other to ward off unwanted males. Then, after they've successfully had sex with the females, the males will have sex with each other. People often confuse this with the fighting because both acts look very similar.

Hippos Determine Sexual Dominance Through Poop

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Photo: mizmak/flickr/CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

During the mating season, male hippos have to determine which is the most suitable to mate with the females. And doing that proves to be, well, a little disgusting. Male hippos will fling their feces at other hippos to assert dominance. This also sets a boundary of where hippos plan to mate. Male hippos entering the area where another male has already spread his excrements will know the female hippos are already spoken for - thus avoiding a violent battle with the dominate male of this particular harem.