12 Horrible Stories You've Never Heard About Bill Murray

No matter what he does, it seems like people will always love Bill Murray. Maybe it’s because most Americans have watched him on screen for decades. Maybe it's the way he busts ghosts and sells Japanese whiskey. Hell, even negative Bill Murray stories somehow reinforce the idea that he’s larger than life. And you don’t have to do much digging to find accounts of the actor being a jerk. For every humorous Bill Murray story, there's another involving a childish spat with a co-star or director.

Some of Bill Murray's alleged behavior is truly indefensible. He isn't just rude to innocent bystanders, he has also reportedly hurt his family and friends while appearing on screen as a lovable grump. We’re all complicated people, and living in the public eye is sure to exacerbate the stresses of day-to-day life.

Have you had any run-ins with America’s favorite drunk uncle? Feel free to tell us about it in the comments, even though we probably won’t believe you. 

  • Billy Murray Allegedly Punched His Ex-Wife In The Face

    In November 2007, that lovable scamp Bill Murray allegedly punched his then-wife, Jennifer Murray, in the face. Jennifer Murray claimed that she had suffered abuse from the actor since they married in 1997. This attack reportedly occurred at her South Carolina residence, which she shared with their four children after leaving her husband in 2006.

    She didn't say whether or not Murray assaulted her in front of their children, but either way, this kind of behavior is unforgivable. The couple divorced shortly after the incident. 

  • Where's Bill? Driving Drunk In Sweden, Say The Cops


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    Chalk this up to another one of those classic Murray antics that are actually kind of awful. In August 2007, Murray was in Sweden for a charity golf competition when he let his drinking and oversized ego get the best of him. Swedish police pulled Murray over for drunkenly driving a golf cart through downtown Stockholm after the tournament. He refused a breathalyzer test, but later submitted to a blood test after much dispute.

    The actor freely admits to driving the "borrowed" cart under the influence, and sardonically claims he "can't go back" to Sweden due to his legal troubles.

  • Bill Murray Allegedly Can't Stop Smoking Weed

    We know all you baby Snoop Doggs out there think this just makes Murray even cooler, but it can be exhausting to be around anyone who uses something as a crutch, be it marijuana, alcohol, sex, or even disc golf (especially disc golf). In Jennifer Murray's divorce complaint against Bill, she noted that he had an "addiction to marijuana and alcohol."

    It must have been awful for Jennifer Murray to watch her husband put so much into his work, only to come home and get stoned out of his mind. 

  • That Time He Got Into A Fist Fight With Chevy Chase


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    Actors are the worst. And this goes doubly for comedic actors. In the early days of Saturday Night Live, Bill Murray replaced Chevy Chase as the resident tall, smarmy guy, and an instant rift formed between the two. When Chase returned to host the show in February 1978, the two actors got into what Murray himself describes as a "Hollywood fight." In reality, the incident amounted to two over-privileged cavemen fighting over their territory.

    The fight became something of a comedy legend, in which the hero, Murray, confronted the traitorous Chase. However, no one looks good in this story.