Celebrities Who Everyone in Hollywood Avoids  

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We all have that one friend. That one you can't bring anywhere. That one you literally cringe out of obligation to invite out. That one that gets your party invitation revoked in the mail if you even think about bringing them along. Everyone has someone in their life that knows how to take a casual night out from 0 to 100 without a moment's hesitation. And wouldn't you know, ripped from the headlines: "Stars! They're Just Like Us!" In the world of the rich and famous, the rules of partying may be different, but the personalities are all the same, if not more extreme. Endless money and the constant opportunity of bottle service enables celebrities with a drinking problem to take the night into their own hands. And just like us, celebrities don't like their annoying "friends" either.

Obnoxious people are one thing, but famous obnoxious people are a whole new class of crazy ugly. There's a special breed of annoying celebs who are just as despised in their Hollywood community as they are in the tabloids. Gossip and rumors surrounding these obnoxious celebrities can often ring true when reports of the same blacked-out celebs make up enough headlines for a 24 hour news cycle. So if you're wondering who the worst of the worst are, look no further. Here are some of the most toxic, annoying celebrities who everyone in Hollywood avoids.
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I'm about to go on stage! #SXSW

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This one probably goes without saying. Bill Cosby is likely blacklisted from any major Hollywood party for his tendency to take bartending into his own medicine cabinet. Alleged serial rapist, Cosby has been lurking Hollywood parties for much of his youth, looking to prey on both suspecting and unsuspecting women. With upwards of 50 women who have come forward, Cosby has been locked in legal battles as of 2015. While it doesn't look like these proceedings will be wrapping up anytime soon, Cosby can look forward to some quiet nights as home, as he is the last person anyone wants to invite out on the town anymore.

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I hate when the pool is at street level ...

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If you have no chill at work, you probably have no chill at the bar either. Unsurprisingly, Charlie Sheen, self-proclaimed winner and tiger's blood-infused champion, is just another instance of hardcore partying gone wrong. Although it may all sound like fun and games, it didn't sound so fun to producers on Two and a Half Men, who promptly fired Sheen from his own show. Not enough of a wake up call, Sheen kept up his party behavior and frequently got heated at bars. In one instance, Sheen happily took some photos with fans "lucky" enough to get close. When a woman started filming Sheen, he slapped her phone out of her hand. Security removed Sheen from the bar in a headlock, and he didn't go easily. This is just one of many Sheen outbursts, but a tell-tale indicator that he likely throws his own parties.

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The sad story of Amanda Bynes's downward spiral never seems to take a break. The former Nickelodeon star doesn't necessarily need a party to have a good time. Bynes is perfectly happy toking in just about any public place. The actress was temporarily kicked out from FIDM, a fashion school which she was attending, for lighting up on campus. She also was reportedly kicked out of a Planet Fitness for blazing in the bathroom. So, it comes as no surprise that Bynes holds the tendency to take her party antics too far. Most shocking were reports that fellow party-girl, Paris Hilton, ejected Bynes from her VIP table at 1Oak, a Los Angeles club. Many witnesses and friends of the star stated that she was crushed by the incident because Bynes looks up to Hilton as a role model. How fitting.

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Christina Aguilera is gearing herself up to be the next Paula Abdul. And when I say that, I mean, in fully sincerity, that she appears wasted on television on a regular basis. Regardless, Aguilera isn't one to refrain from drinking both on and off camera. The "Beautiful" singer has been labeled a bonafide klutz by her colleagues, once even almost falling into a Christmas tree at Seth McFarlane's party. At the same event, Aguilera was apparently too hammered to sing for her scheduled performance at the party, which was in dedication to Frank Sinatra. Unofficially dubbed Drunktina, the star also allegedly passed out at Jeremy Renner's birthday party. Renner was fuming when Aguilera showed up unannounced, uninvited, and proceeded to make herself comfortable on his bed. Goes to show that Aguilera isn't one to skip the pregame.

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