Celebrities Who Everyone in Hollywood Avoids  

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We all have that one friend. That one you can't bring anywhere. That one you literally cringe out of obligation to invite out. That one that gets your party invitation revoked in the mail if you even think about bringing them along. Everyone has someone in their life that knows how to take a casual night out from 0 to 100 without a moment's hesitation. And wouldn't you know, ripped from the headlines: "Stars! They're Just Like Us!" In the world of the rich and famous, the rules of partying may be different, but the personalities are all the same, if not more extreme. Endless money and the constant opportunity of bottle service enables celebrities with a drinking problem to take the night into their own hands. And just like us, celebrities don't like their annoying "friends" either.

Obnoxious people are one thing, but famous obnoxious people are a whole new class of crazy ugly. There's a special breed of annoying celebs who are just as despised in their Hollywood community as they are in the tabloids. Gossip and rumors surrounding these obnoxious celebrities can often ring true when reports of the same blacked-out celebs make up enough headlines for a 24 hour news cycle. So if you're wondering who the worst of the worst are, look no further. Here are some of the most toxic, annoying celebrities who everyone in Hollywood avoids.

Let's make some history

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Fresh off his apology tour, Justin Bieber assured fans and skeptics that he truly is "Sorry." While Bieber doesn't regret his strangely religious and overrated album Purpose, he is indeed apologetic for his slew of bad boy delinquencies that put a rain cloud over his career for the past couple of years. From skipping out on tabs, to getting locked in head locks by Coachella staffers, the Biebs is no stranger to drunken misdemeanors. None of this is surprising considering the "Baby"-faced singer's long track record of rule breaking. Past instances have caught Bieber red-handed in scandals involving public urination, tagging up foreign cities, and being forcibly removed for underage drinking (he even got booted from a club on his birthday for this one). Although it's possible Bieber has managed to turn the corner, no one would be shocked if it was all a façade to get back in on the party scene.

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Although Lindsay Lohan has slipped into the oblivion of potential stardom, that does not mean she still isn't up to her typical charades and blacked-out horrors. If, when you think of Lohan, the first image that pops into your mind if of her passed out in her gray hoodie, it doesn't appear you'll have to retire that image anytime soon. While the Mean Girls actress tried to repair her broken image on her Oprah Winfrey-inspired therapy show, there hasn't been much true progress made. According to Dlisted, Lohan and her sister, Ali Lohan, bombarded a NYC bar's bathroom in early 2016. When security knocked to see what was taking so long, Lohan and her friends caused a scene, even going so far as to spit in someone's face. The gang left, but returned shortly to harangue bar patrons and staff. They managed to escape before police were called to the scene.

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As much as Farrah Abraham asserts that she is on par with Hollywood's elite, her colleagues have no interest in welcoming her into the community. Even fellow reality degenerates refuse to let Abraham into some of their hottest parties, despite appearing on her own trash reality television show Teen Mom. In early 2016, Abraham and her mother were removed from a "White Party" being thrown by reality-star Lisa Vanderpump. Abraham, who already knew her invitation had been revoked, decided to crash the party anyway. Abraham's red carpet debut was cut short when publicists called for security to kick out the TV star. According to sources, "most celebrities would be embarrassed, but Farrah kept posing and smiling. She refused to leave." Vanderpump later went on Watch What Happens Live to discuss the incident, claiming she wouldn't know Abraham had "she sat on her own lap." 

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Paris Hilton has partied so hard, she isn't even allowed back in some countries. Upon arriving at a Tokyo airport, the heiress, reality TV star, and sometimes DJ (?), was detained for nearly six hours of questioning. Hilton was ultimately denied entry into Japan and promptly sent home. Infamous member of the Unholy Trinity, Hilton has had her fair share of drunken mishaps. From driving under the influence to repeatedly breaking her probation, Hilton has made a name for herself as one of Hollywood's top party girls. Ex-boyfriend Nick Carter has even accused the heiress of being a terrible party influence, citing that she pressured drugs and drinking on him. As it appears Hilton has calmed down in recent years, she still manages to find time to sneak in a few foam parties here or there. 

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