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18 College Roommate Horror Stories That Will Make You Cringe

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Unwashed dishes, piles and piles of garbage, exile from shared spaces for hours due to nocturnal visitors... does anyone miss their college dorm experiences? Over on Reddit, people are sharing roommate stories from their college years, and it is a horror show. Vote up the stories that would have made you want to move back in with mom and dad. 

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    Welcome Home!

    Posted by u/Darkenwolfen:

    I went away for two weeks for a on the job placement, he didn't do any dishes or take out the garbages. Maggots. Maggots everywhere.

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    Sad Girls And 'Nocturnal Squirrels'

    Posted by u/noctiluca8:

    I had two crazy roommates because one wouldn't be enough.

    The first roommate's boyfriend broke up with her halfway through the first semester. Which caused her to spiral into a mini depression. After crying and wailing into the toilet for the majority of that night, she then refused to leave her bed or shower for three days. People asked me if her family had died because of the severity of her response.

    Afterwards, she "coped" by bringing over random guys to hook up with pretty consistantly until the end of the year.

    The other roommate was extremely superficial and not the brightest. She would spend over an hour getting ready just to leave the dorm for any reason, like food or class, really anything. She also managed to spend $500 on food the first week and proceeded to blame her parents and cry after her mom asked her wtf she was doing. I will never not laugh at her response of, "Well,Mom all my friends go to Chipotle so I have to go too and I can't not get guac."

    She then starting stealing my food in the middle of the night, so I would have to wake up, shine my phone and catch her stuffing her face with my cheezeits like a little nocturnal squirrel. Oh freshman year, never again.

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    The Bed Wetter

    Posted by u/ADrunkMonk:

    Freshman year college had bunkbeds. Drunk roommate comes home before me. He sleeps on top. He drank too much. He wet the bed....like an open fire-hydrant apparently. I came home later and sat down in a flash flood puddle on mine soaked to the core.

    Needless to say I threw it in the shower and told him to get me a new one.

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    Two Stories In One

    Posted by u/chicagodude84:

    I was fourtunate to have lived with TWO during my freshman year.

    Eddie was my original roommate. After the typical freshman email exchanges (who's getting the fridge, microwave, rug, etc.) we had the opportunity to meet on move-in day. At first, Eddie was a great roommate -- fun to hang out with, good to grab a bite with, etc. But then Eddie found out how hard engineering is. You see, he was a mechanical engineering major and found that it was just too difficult.

    Instead of switching majors, he decided to just give up. He stopped going to class...didn't go out on the weekend. He. Just. Stayed. There. All the time. Day and night. I kid you not, he only left to eat -- at the cafe on the first floor. Lucky for me, Eddie failed all of his classes and didn't come back, leaving me with a room all to myself!

    I started my second semester with my own room/bachelor pad. I moved the beds together to set up a nice queen bed, to host the nonexistent ladies I'd be bringing home. The room was huge without a second person!

    ...Enter John.

    John and his roommate had a "disagreement," so they moved him to my room. John was weird. I have no other words to describe him, other than a total weirdo. This coming from a self-proclaimed fantasy geek computer scientist. I have a really high tolerance for weird, and John exceeded them all.

    - He loved Hillary Duff. So much so. He watched her movies on repeat. All the time. Whenever he was home. Which was all the time, because he didn't have any friends.

    - HE USED MY TOOTHBRUSH! I had no idea at the time, until I walked out one day, to see him with my toothbrush dangling out of his mouth, like it's totally normal.

    - He showered every 2-3 days. Not horrible, but definitely not often enough.

    - He would stand over my shoulder and watch what I was doing on my computer. As in, he would read every word. When I would confront him about it, he acted like it was totally normal.

    - He wasn't unsafe or unstable, he was just really friggin' weird. Thankfully I only had to deal with him for like seven weeks or so, before the year came to a close.

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