20 Dates From Hell That Did Their Best To Make Darn Sure There Would Be No Second Date

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Over on Reddit, people are discussing the very valid, very awful (yet fun to read) reasons why a first date went from good to bad in record time. From bringing a gaggle of previously unmentioned children along for a free meal to being rude to waitstaff, here are a few tales of terror to keep anyone away from Tinder.

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    From Redditor u/Hattix:

    First date was uneventful. We talked about what we did, our backgrounds, upbringing, etc. Vapid, nebulous stuff. This was late afternoon Saturday.

    We parted and I went to a pub to meet some friends.

    The following morning, I slept late and opened my phone to a barrage of messages from my date.

    She's listing all the things I should have done or said better, what she found annoying, etc. I'm looking through it pretty damned hurt. I started to write what I thought, "Wow, there's no need for that, just say thanks and bye," but remembered to not text when emotions run high.

    That afternoon, another message:

    "When do you want to try again, think it could be fun?"

    This time I did respond:


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    The PowerPoint Guy

    From Redditor u/Genaticz:

    Went on a date with a guy, who I have dubbed “PowerPoint Guy.” He arrived at our first date (coffee) with a literal presentation of non-negotiable demands he required from a future partner.

    This included, but [was] not limited to:

    - Must be housewife

    - Produce him two boys and a girl (in that order, gender specified)

    - Not work or desire a career

    - Move 500 miles away to live on an acreage in his parents house (like, with them also living there)

    - Not have any male friends, BUT he also wanted someone who is open to sleeping with whoever he chose SO HE COULD WATCH

    The list [went] on.

    He didn’t ask me a single question about my life or interests. Just spat out this list of stuff and talked about himself for ~2 hours (at which point, I politely bailed).

    Props to this guy for knowing what he [wanted], but PowerPoint guy did not land a second date with me.

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    Literally Put A Foot In His Mouth

    From Redditor u/gingermonkey1:

    On a first date at a coffee shop, the guy picked up my foot (I was wearing cute sandals). He rubbed my foot for a second, and I was like WTF...

    Then he put my all of my toes in his mouth...

    At the table...

    In the coffee shop.

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    'You Should Get Plastic Surgery So You Can Be A Model'

    From Redditor u/AvaLadyofLight:

    To start, he was nearly 30 minutes late to the restaurant, blamed “traffic” for being so late, even though we don’t live in a city. He was a little drunk when he turned up (but I can understand if he was a little nervous beforehand). I ordered a meal and he ordered three beers for himself.

    After he downed a few, he the proceeded to tell me I was a 7 out of 10, and to get to a 10 I should get plastic surgery so I [could] be a model. I told him repeatedly that I was happy with the way I looked, but he kept going on and on about what I should get done.

    After I’d finished eating, I said I’m going to pay for my meal then head home... He wanted to go to the bar [and] convinced me to go with him. I ordered a drink, then turned around to see him leaning over a couple of young ladies, who looked pretty uncomfortable, so I put my drink down and left. I sent him a text the next day saying it [wasn't] going to work and blocked him.

    One week later, I get a call from an unknown number, and it’s [his] mum... She tells me about how he came to visit her and told her all about me, and how happy she is that her boy has finally found someone, then invites me to dinner, which I turn down.

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    He Arrived Late And Went Straight To Work

    From Redditor u/smf101:

    He arrived 40 minutes late with no text. [Then he] turned up with his laptop and said he needed to do some work and gave me some cash to get him a coffee and something I [wanted].

    I was like, “Okay, sure,” and stood in the queue watching him as he put on his headphones and opened his laptop. I came back with the drinks and he said he just [needed] to finish this and took a call.

    I just sat there for another 40 minutes with zero conversation and him typing/chatting away. This was a Saturday, by the way, and he scheduled the time.

    After he finished, he said let’s go to a bar and get a proper drink. We had a chat, and I tried to get to know him, but he was being a [jerk]. He ordered the drinks and then started having a go at me for not offering to pay and went on a rant about double standards.

    To be honest, I was still pissed off about waiting around for 90 minutes and was not in the mood to pay for his drink. Or see him again.

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    Date With A Boss Babe

    From Redditor u/Iperovic:

    When we got to the good old "what you do for a living," she straight-up tried to sell me in on her MLM scheme.

    When I politely noted I wasn't interested but I'm happy to go back to our previous discussions, she got argumentative in the good old "salesperson losing a client" kind of way.

    When it was clear the mood was ruined and we weren't going anywhere from there, I stood up, paid for our drinks at the counter, and got out.

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