12 Horrible Diseases with Weirdly Unexpected Benefits

There are some really bad, nasty diseases out there and most of the time, there is nothing good to come of them. For a few diseases though, there are a few bright lights in the darkness. Positive side effects of diseases can range from things like immunity to other, more dangerous conditions or even unexpected orgasms. If you're one of the few people who have a disease with an unexpected benefit, be grateful for it.

For most people, being diagnosed with a horrible disease is one of the worst things imaginable. Of course, horrible is a relative term. For some, herpes might mean the end of the world, but when you consider that it could save you from a very painful death in the long run, it doesn't sound so bad. 

It's no surprise that some diseases come with unexpected consequences. Though it is surprising to come across an illnesses with positive side effects rather than negative ones. For some, a positive side effect might be the only thing that gets them through the unfortunate news. After all, learning that you have a disease is a little easier wen you know there could be a silver lining.