Unspeakable Times

The 10 Most Brutal And Cruel Gang Initiation Rituals

Organized crime is a phenomenon that transcends borders and cultures; it's a universal, nefarious practice that's as diverse as it is common. Gangs exist all around the world, often violently at odds with one another over turf and money. They're so interesting that they're the subject of movies, music, and television shows, and pop culture does a good job of illustrating what gangs are willing to do to their rivals. From offing the competition in drive-by shootings to putting enemies' heads in vices until they talk, the details of what gang members do can be extremely shocking.

What is underrepresented, however, is what people do to get into gangs. These young recruits are willing to do whatever it takes to show their loyalty, which often means subjecting themselves to injury and humiliation. These gang rituals are frequently just as horrifying as the transgressions they commit against their rivals. As this list shows, these brutal gang initiations are often more violent and f*cked up than you could imagine.