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These Hideous Hair Styles Are Blowing Up On Instagram, And You'll Love To Hate Them  

Jessica L. Yarbrough
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There are two types of Instagram hair trends. There are the covetable styles that appear on your IG feed and inspire you to take your cut and color to the next level. Then there are the Instagram hair trends that aren't great - the styles that you stare at for minutes on end wondering, "Who in the world would do that to their hair?" It’s as if these weird trends put you under a spell, and you can’t look away.

You’ll love to hate many of these looks. Please don't try them at home.

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Cheeto Hair Curlers

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This is the hair curling tool you'll never want to use - Cheetos. Even if twisting your tresses around the crunchy snack resulted in the bounciest curls ever, it wouldn't be worth the cheesy Cheeto smell.

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Pizza Undercuts

When hairbymisskellyo debuted her pizza-inspired undercut and color she said: 

This photo got me so much love and so much hate, so much attention, so much anger.

But any way you slice it, this look is just wrong.

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Striped Hair Color

Remember when streaky highlights were a bad thing, best avoided at all times? Lately, that rule has gone out the window. Color stylists intentionally add precise stripes of contrasting colors to their clients' hair. It has to stop soon, though.

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Glitter Roots

This style makes you look like a fairy with a serious case of dandruff! The glitter roots trend made the rounds during festival season, which is all well and good. After all, Coachella is about experimenting and getting a little weird. But this hairstyle is best left on the festival grounds and out of your everyday rotation.

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