Unacceptable And Downright Horrifying Stories About Jeffree Star

If makeup artist Jeffree Star isn't involved in a drama directly, he sure has a knack for finding it.

The outspoken MUA is the man beauty fans love to hate and hate to love. Despite his many scandals, his beef with other vloggers, and his past racist remarks (which he has since apologized for), it cannot be denied that he is truly one of the most talented MUAs on the scene today.

Star recently claimed that he's "growing up" and not in the market to court controversy; his brand and social media presence are getting exponentially larger and he doesn't want to divert attention from them. Of the new more mature decision, he says, "I know that's crazy coming from me, of all people, but I think it's just old age... it's just wisdom and life experiences."

Time will tell if he's able to turn things around but until then, we'll wait to see if any others find themselves in Star's crosshairs.