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Unacceptable And Downright Horrifying Stories About Jeffree Star

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If makeup artist Jeffree Star isn't involved in a drama directly, he sure has a knack for finding it.

The outspoken MUA is the man beauty fans love to hate and hate to love. Despite his many scandals, his beef with other vloggers, and his past racist remarks (which he has since apologized for), it cannot be denied that he is truly one of the most talented MUAs on the scene today.

Star recently claimed that he's "growing up" and not in the market to court controversy; his brand and social media presence are getting exponentially larger and he doesn't want to divert attention from them. Of the new more mature decision, he says, "I know that's crazy coming from me, of all people, but I think it's just old age... it's just wisdom and life experiences."

Time will tell if he's able to turn things around but until then, we'll wait to see if any others find themselves in Star's crosshairs.

  • Jeffree Star Threatend MakeupShayla With Bodily Harm

    Photo: flickr / CC0

    In 2016, Jeffree Star and MUA Shayla attended an event where Star claims that Shayla told another beauty influencer, Mariale, that she needed lip injections to fix her "disproportionate" face.

    Star defended Mariale but his degrading comments had makeup junkies reeling. He called Shayla an “Instagram nobody," and a "broke f*cking rat." He even used the C-word against her and threatened her with physical violence.

    When Shayla objected to this by saying that a man should never threaten a woman with violence, he responded, "But you look and sound like a man more than I do."

  • Jeffree Star Even Fell Out With Nikkie Tutorials And Claimed To Have Dirt On Her

    Photo: NikkieTutorials / YouTube

    Nikkie Tutorials and Jeffree Star once seemed to be pals but their friendship was short-lived. The duo stopped speaking after an alleged shouting match on a Benefit-sponsored trip to Richard Branson's Necker Island.

    Since then, some say the two are in constant competition, possibly even copying one another. Both artists reviewed Pat McGrath's matte lipstick in the same two-day window and their respective videos have similar titles.

    Star took to Snapchat to explain that it's not unusual for vloggers to use similar keywords in their video titles to get more hits but Nikkie hasn't spoken about the falling out or the review videos. According to Star, Nikkie hasn't said a peep because he has "dirt on everyone [and she knows] to keep [her mouth] shut."

  • Star May Have Put A Model In Blackface


    After much anticipation, Jeffree Star launched his Androgyny Palette but when his promo shots of beauty influencer Nikita Dragun hit the web, fans were immediately angered by the model's skin tone; it appeared to be significantly more darker than usual. Twitter users decried Star for using blackface and his past racist rants were mentioned once again. 

    Both Dragun and Star denied the claims. Star said they were "mean and sadistic" and Dragun said, "I'm half Mexican & half South East Asian and normally get extremely tan... let's not trip over a spray tan."

  • Star Called Out Too Faced Cosmetics

    Video: YouTube

    Even when the drama isn't necessarily his, Jeffree Star seems to finds a way to insert himself into it. In April, Star berated Too Faced owner Jerrod Blandino for his Instagram rant against Tarte Cosmetics' unicorn products. The controversial MUA pointed out that the Limecrime cosmetics line created unicorn-themed makeup and brushes long before Too Faced came out with a unicorn collection.

    Also, despite his falling out with Nikkie Tutorials, Star mentioned her contract with Too Face. He said, “If I could tell you the contract that Nikkie Tutorials signed for her Too Faced palette and what they did to her, you guys would f***ing scream.”

    He suggested that the company made $9 million from a substandard product that Nikkie only made $50 thousand from. Star's decision to drop that bomb may eventually result in legal action, as Too Faced is now owned by cosmetic giant Estée Lauder.