Unacceptable And Downright Horrifying Stories About Jeffree Star

If makeup artist Jeffree Star isn't involved in a drama directly, he sure has a knack for finding it.

The outspoken MUA is the man beauty fans love to hate and hate to love. Despite his many scandals, his beef with other vloggers, and his past racist remarks (which he has since apologized for), it cannot be denied that he is truly one of the most talented MUAs on the scene today.

Star recently claimed that he's "growing up" and not in the market to court controversy; his brand and social media presence are getting exponentially larger and he doesn't want to divert attention from them. Of the new more mature decision, he says, "I know that's crazy coming from me, of all people, but I think it's just old age... it's just wisdom and life experiences."

Time will tell if he's able to turn things around but until then, we'll wait to see if any others find themselves in Star's crosshairs.

  • Jeffree Recently Blocked Some Longtime Fans

    Maybe it was an accident, but some longtime fans of Jeffree Starr have been left out in the cold after he blocked them on social media.

    The MUA announced a social media purge to unfollow and block "all the fake pieces of sh*t in the beauty community.” That action may have been spurred by his beef with fellow YouTuber and beauty influencer Charles Gross. Nevertheless, some fans were inexplicably cut. They expressed their outrage as they were supportive of Star during many of his controversial moments.  

  • Star Called Beauty Influencer Jackie Aina An Irrelevant Rat

    Star Called Beauty Influencer Jackie Aina An Irrelevant Rat
    Video: YouTube

    In the spring of 2017,  massively popular beauty vlogger Jackie Aina found herself in Jeffree Star's crosshairs after uploading an anti-haul video of products that she would not buy. Among them, were those created by Star.

    Her reasons had less to do with the products themselves and more to do with Star's racially-charged outbursts at various vloggers, most notably MUA MakeUpShayla.

    Star blocked Aina on his social media accounts and took to Twitter to call her an "irrelevant rat" before throwing shade about her finances and a wedding that she didn't have. The two haven't spoken since but Aina did respond: 

    "Never forget that @JeffreeStar will call Black women rats, uneducated, and broke when they do not worship him. Please research who you support in the beauty industry; there really is a lot of ugly you do not and probably won't see."

  • Star Loved His Racist Myspace Rants

    Star Loved His Racist Myspace Rants
    Video: YouTube

    Before there was Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, there was MySpace and about 12 years ago, Jeffree Star uploaded a racist rant there that shocked many. His comments wound up on YouTube and have followed him for much of his career.  

    At one point, Kim Kardashian West defended Star, saying, "I know better than anyone that I hate when people bring up my past or mistakes that I’ve made in the past, so let him live." Soon after, however, KKW was dragged for her defense of Star. Eventually she recanted, saying, "I do want to really apologize for me feeling like I had the right to say ‘get over it’ in a situation that involves racism.”

    Star has since apologized for the rant and explained himself. Despite this, the original video comes back to haunt him every time there's fresh drama. 

  • Star Lashed Out At YouTuber Rocky Roadkill Before Realizing His Mistake

    Star Lashed Out At YouTuber Rocky Roadkill Before Realizing His Mistake
    Video: YouTube

    In YouTube video "Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frost DISASTER," Rocky Roadkill explains that Star's product fell out of the packaging before he even had a chance to review it. He goes on to say, however, that he loves the highlighting product. Star didn't watch the video and instead responded angrily to the title:

    "Instead of emailing my customer service or reaching out to me personally you make a slander video? How pathetic. You're desperate for views and attention. My customer service team would of happily sent you a replacement or refunded you. We will be reaching out to YouTube about this defamation."

    The beauty mogul eventually watched the video, realized his mistake, and deleted the post but the damage was already done.